RV Mods: A place to keep your books in the rig



By Jim Twamley

Start off the new year right by reading books! How about setting a goal for yourself to read two books a month or more? RV parks usually have a free book exchange where you can trade in books you’ve finished for some you haven’t read.

If you are like me, you probably have several books you like to keep around for reference. Both weekend and full-time RVers enjoy taking books along on their travels, but where do you store them?

If you put them deep in the back of a cupboard you will forget about them, but if you have them somewhere at the ready, you’re likely to read more.

Some time back, I met up with James and Colleen White from Mt. Carmel, Illinois. They both enjoy reading and like having their books handy so they installed a simple retaining rack in the space over the driver side and passenger side windows. This decorative railing is available at any big box hardware store. This is a handy place for both reference books as well as casual reading.

Reading is one of the greatest gifts we have, so please, read with abandon! —Jim Twamley, Professor of RVing


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