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RV Mods: A place to keep your books in the rig

By Jim Twamley

How about setting a goal for yourself to read two books a month or more? RV parks usually have a free book exchange where you can trade in books you’ve finished for some you haven’t read.

If you are like me, you probably have several books you like to keep around for reference. Both weekend and full-time RVers enjoy taking books along on their travels, but where do you store them?

If you put them deep in the back of a cupboard you will forget about them, but if you have them somewhere at the ready, you’re likely to read more.

Some time back, I met up with James and Colleen White from Mt. Carmel, Illinois. They both enjoy reading and like having their books handy so they installed a simple retaining rack in the space over the driver side and passenger side windows. This decorative railing is available at any big box hardware store. This is a handy place for both reference books as well as casual reading.

Reading is one of the greatest gifts we have, so please, read with abandon! —Jim Twamley, Professor of RVing

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2 years ago

my 3rd grade teacher realized that I needed a puzzle to get me interested in anything so she gave me a mystery book to read. I’ve been reading everything ever since. I read books, bags, bottles just about anything with printing on it. I have an iPad with Kindle, and email, It has magazines too but I prefer to read them (magazines) in print form. Books are all over my den office and bedroom. But I also read books on my iPad. And then there’s my phone which I have had in my hand for nearly 25 years that I have been reading on for the last 10-15 years. I’m reading and writing this very piece on my phone right now.
As for my RV, well I take books and magazines and my phone and iPad along, because sometimes I have signal for the iPad and iPhone and sometimes I don’t, but I always have something to read!

2 years ago

If I enjoy a physical book, I can share it with others. Pass the pleasure along. on the Kindle, Nook, iPad not so much.

Will B.
2 years ago
Reply to  tom

True, for sure.

2 years ago

My Nook works best for me.

Tom Bird
2 years ago

Reading a Kindle takes up a lot less room.

2 years ago

I’m with the Whites on this one. Those who read on a screen will never understand the love affair some of us have with actual books in hand or preserved in our libraries.
I have a couple thousand books on a variety of topics, and one of the great joys I have is showing up at my book club meeting with a bundle in tow to share with my fellow book nuts.
I fear the end of publishing, as it disappears into the hole of artificial delivery systems, where if they break down or go obsolete the material is lost.
I look at the digitalization of pictures exactly the same way. Gone are the photo albums, the history lost forever once the chip is lost destroyed or no longer can be supported by the equipment that once ran it – now obsolete.
Have your devices, your convenience, your eye burning screens & Kindles, they’ll never ever replace my autographed Ernest Hemmingway or Patrick Moore tomes.

Will B.
2 years ago
Reply to  Alvin

Sold my 1st edition, signed Lasher (Anne Rice) yesterday, among all my other books and games we will not be taking in the RV here shortly. ($100 at Half-Price books is a record for me, but some of my games were $30-50 new, so…) I’m sure the Anne Rice book could’ve fetched more on eBay, etc. but who has the time?

I do understand the “love affair” with books. I never thought I would prefer reading digitally. I loved how Captain Picard (Star Trek) would sit with his tea and a REAL book in our far-off (fictional) future in space. And I understand it, too. I DO love a good book. But as David Ozanne said in another comment, there’s almost no limit to what I can bring with me. Now when a book ends, I have another to start immediately if I’ve planned ahead. (Even if I didn’t plan ahead as long as I have internet.) But if I don’t finish the current book, I wasn’t carrying another around with me “just in case”, when I didn’t need it. And Kindle supports magazines, too, which the wife loves.

Our visit to Half-Price Books yesterday was weird, though. We didn’t buy any books! We have ALWAYS bought books. SciFi anthologies for the wife, older magazines on travel or whatever latest offerings by my favorite authors are available or some new SciFi or Fantasy book that looked interesting enough to try. In the past, we have spent as much as $100 on a single trip. But RV life means that’s not going to be a thing anymore.

Digital, for the nomads, is going to be a winner in my book every time.

2 years ago

storing anything heavy on an ‘open’ rack above the driver’s and co-pilot’s head…especially the driver’s head…is asking for trouble. bad idea.

David Ozanne
2 years ago

I carry thousands of books on my laptop and Kindle. Saves a lot of space.

2 years ago

Easiest way to carry and store books is on a Kindle. I have numerous books that I haven’t read yet (as well as some already read) on my Kindle and don’t need to worry about internet service to read them.

Will B.
2 years ago

Like Mr. Crawford says: Online. I’ve been paying $10/month for the Kindle Unlimited and it’s been worth every penny for me. I am a voracious reader, I get my buffet’s worth.

I didn’t think I’d like reading books on my phone or tablet. I’ve carried books with me to school since I can remember, and even as an adult would often bring one to work. Since I started reading on the phone, though, I’m never without a book. Slow at the doctor’s office? I’m good. Having lunch alone during work from the office? Excellent. At night, want less light in the room while the spouse is sleeping? Not a problem, dim the Kindle app.

I wish I’d had this when I was a kid in high school carrying around Star Trek novels while my brother and his football buddies screwing with me constantly. (Of course, having a cell phone then would be a requirement!)

John R Crawford
2 years ago

Read all your books online as I do and you can store hundreds in the palm of your hand.

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