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RV review: 2023 Fleetwood Frontier GTX 37RT with office space

Today’s review is of the Fleetwood Frontier GTX 37RT, a Class A diesel pusher. While I’ve seen a few towable manufacturers touting offices or places to work, this is the first, and one of the best, designs I’ve seen in an RV that incorporates an office. 

The office in the Fleetwood Frontier GTX 37RT

The office space isn’t necessarily a cornerstone of this model and is, in fact, a configuration option. So if you don’t want a place to sit down and write RV reviews, or whatever occupies your time on the road, it’s not something you have to have. But if it makes sense, they’ve done a good job with it. 

The thinking of this is to put the office all the way at the back of this model.

From a Fleetwood media release:

The Frontier GTX 37RT is a 37-foot motorhome with three, flat-floor slide outs that deliver plenty of interior room. The Corner Office™ is an option and is strategically located at the rear of the coach so it’s away from daily life activities. 

“We developed the 37RT office configuration after listening to our current customers, as well as new owners entering the RV space,” said Doug Miller, product manager for REV Recreation Group’s Class A products. “We found quite a bit of interest in the ability to work remotely and have children engage in distance learning. Based on that, we wanted to offer a floorplan that could accommodate the new reality of living, working, and educating anywhere.”

The space is cleverly arranged and includes an L-shaped desk with a built-in monitor and multiple nearby outlets. A large window tops the desk to bring in natural light and deliver a view of the outdoors. Drawers below and cabinets above provide convenient storage within easy reach for files and other supplies. 

A stylish barn door of frosted glass and wood closes off the space when ultimate quiet and privacy are needed. To ensure phone and video calls go off without a hitch, the GTX offers an optional connectivity package that includes WiFi Ranger™ Sky4 ProPack w/LTE and weBoost® Cell Booster. 

So there ya’ go. 

I think having the monitor in the office is really what got me. But there is that WiFi Ranger. However, I have yet to get any use out of this same gadget in my own RV. 

The final Frontier

The rest of this motorhome won’t surprise people already familiar with this family of rigs. As is becoming more customary, this has no propane aboard so cooking is via an induction cooktop. There’s no oven, but there’s a large convection microwave which is probably better suited to most RVer’s lifestyle anyway. 

The dinette features a “Dream Dinette” mount. That puts the table mount on the sidewall and makes it really easy to raise and lower the table. Speaking of ups and downs, there’s also a TV on a televator right next to the dinette, which is directly opposite the trifold couch. 

While towable RVs are moving toward 12-volt RV-specific refrigerators, for whatever reason, these giant buses are still stuck with residential refrigerators. Yeah, yeah, I know. People like them. 

Sit down, sonny, and let me tell you about trying to get one of them fixed under warranty. The appliance fixers don’t want to touch them and the RV people can’t figure them out. If I were giving awards, I’d give one to the first Class A manufacturer that puts a 12-volt fridge in one of these things. But then I’d also give an award to the first one who didn’t paint their rigs like a carnival float. 

Oh, right. I was going to stop kvetching about that. Apologies. 

Power in the Fleetwood Frontier GTX 37RT

This rig has a 300-watt solar panel with a 2,000-watt inverter, although you have to use that just to run the fridge. I wonder how long one of these can go on the four AGM house batteries included with it without firing up the generator?

That generator is an Onan 8,000 unit.

In the bedroom is a genuine king-sized bed in the slide room. I like how Fleetwood has accommodated a place for a CPAP machine over the bed but in a cabinet. The hoses and such are able to be run through a hole in the cabinet with power in the cabinet. This is a good design.

In conclusion

Last week when I was at the FMCA Convention in Lincoln, Nebraska, it was truly a contest of who had the flashiest and fanciest Class A diesel pusher in the parking lot. Campers were wearing hats and shirts that proclaimed what type of rig they had. It was clear that people were really proud of whatever decision they made and wanted you to know it. 

There were several companies there that were washing these mobile giants despite the rush of golf carts in the dust adding a little bit of Mother Nature to the fancy paint jobs. Perhaps that was job security for the washing people. 

But I’ve been to trailer rallies, too, where the Grand Design folks think they’re the bee’s knees, and the Airstream campers never admit that it’s a travel trailer. It’s an Airstream. So I guess it’s the same in every gathering. 

I do like the way they’ve put the office option in the Fleetwood Frontier GTX 37RT and think it’s very well done. My whining about paint schemes and residential fridges absolutely fell on deaf ears at the FMCA rally so, perhaps, this just isn’t my market. 

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Tony Barthel has been a life-long RV enthusiast and travels part-time with his wife where they also produce a podcast, write about RVs and love the RV lifestyle.



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Steve H (@guest_200551)
1 year ago

I was done with offices when I retired, so not an option I would need. But my wife, who also retired from a life of office work, would definitely use it for her craft hobbies, while playing prerecorded British TV series on the monitor. But, unless a 12v fridge and a free-standing table and chairs was available instead of a booth dinette, we wouldn’t spend the money to just have a private office!

Bob M (@guest_200443)
1 year ago

Inside looks beautiful, but I don’t see any windows in the office. I’d want a window I can look out of while working. Too many slides for me.

Tommy Molnar (@guest_200469)
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob M

Looks to me like there’s a window directly across from the office chair, Bob.

While we recently had to dump our traditional RV fridge and go to a 120v ac unit, I still want a gas stove and oven (we’ve had no trouble baking in our oven) and a gas/electric water heater. Much better for boondocking. We’ve got quite a bit of solar, and lithium batteries but I don’t want to be testing the limits every time we ‘unplug’.

Not a fan of the entire kitchen being in a slide. That’s a lot of weight on one slide, not to mention all the wires and piping having to bend every time you move the slide. Too many invitations to problems. That slide is almost the entire side of the coach. Whew.

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