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RV roof coating adds extra protection

Courtesy Dicor Products

Protecting your RV roof with a coating specially designed for the type of roof material you have is one of the best investments you can make in extending and refreshing the look of your RV roof. Your RV roof is exposed to many elements, including sun, rain, hail, snow and wind-blown debris, along with atmospheric conditions that can range from freezing to dry desert heat to humid swamplands.

Whatever conditions your roof is exposed to, the right coating system will help give your roof a brighter, cleaner look over a longer period of time and enhance the value of your RV investment.

For EPDM roofs, a roof coating can help make it easier to maintain a great looking roof. It does this by adding another critical layer of protection, while reinforcing seals against leaks and making it harder for discoloring dirt and mold to stick around.

For fiberglass roofs, a proper coating provides another barrier to the sun and weather, elements that can over time produce discoloring and spider cracks (or crazing). Dicor Product’s coating also produces a brilliant white finish that aids in reflecting sunlight to reduce heat absorption.

For metal roofs, products like Dicor Products’ Elastomeric Metal RV Roof Coating also provide a brilliant white finish to aid heat reflection, while reducing environmental and weathering effects on the finish. Used in conjunction with Dicor’s Rust Inhibitive Primer, the potential for corrosion is also reduced.

The bottom line: if you want to restore your roof to make it look like new again, or if you simply want to maintain and extend your roof’s good looks and investment value well into the future, you should look into a roof coating system designed for your particular kind of roof.

[Editor’s note: This information is provided by roof membrane manufacturer Dicor. While there’s plenty of “promotion” for their product included, some of the information and principles may be of assistance to our readers.]


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