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RV shipments still hot, but slowing

RV shipments are still rolling along, although they’re shy of their record pace of last year.

Results for the RV Industry Association’s (RVIA) June 2022 survey of manufacturers determined that total RV shipments ended the month with 44,793 units, a decrease of 11.7% compared to the 50,796 units shipped in June 2021. Through June, RV shipments are up 7.8% compared to the same point last year with 323,831 wholesale shipments.

Towable RVs, led by conventional travel trailers, ended the month down 12.8% against last June with 39,842 shipments. Motorhomes finished the month down 1.3% compared to the same month last year with 4,951 units.

Park Model RVs finished May up 27.4% compared to June 2021 with 363 wholesale shipments. To date, park model RVs are up 2.9% with 2,227 shipments.

The latest 2022 RV Roadsigns forecast projects RV shipments for 2022 to range between 537,800 and 561,900 units with a most likely year-end total of 549,900 units, an 8.4% decline from the 600,240 shipped in 2021. An updated RV Roadsigns forecast will be released in early September.

The chart shows 2021/2022 month-over-month total wholesale RV shipments.##RVT1063b


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Bob G. (@guest_195998)
1 year ago

It will be interesting to see the actual “retail” sales numbers for June. From what I’ve seen/heard, I would expect retail results will be considerably less positive…

Dennis G. (@guest_195965)
1 year ago

After looking over the total units sold YTD 2022, and comparing it the Class-A RVs sold, you could state that Class-A RVs make up just under 2.58% of total units sold to date 2022. That’s amazing.

Tom H. (@guest_195883)
1 year ago

I wonder how long before the market is flooded with used late model RVs? Maybe it’s just me but I believe a large percentage of buyers over the last 2-3 years are going to tire of the RV lifestyle and or realize it’s not for them and they are going to put their units up for sale.

Dave (@guest_195884)
1 year ago
Reply to  Tom H.

I think it will be more an economic decision vs. lifestyle. Prices being higher will cause choices. This is an extra choice that can come with large sum of cash back by selling. Inventory rising, first month of a decline and trend shows further ahead. Like many other industries that experienced outside norm trends.

Michael Thomas Lloyd (@guest_195911)
1 year ago
Reply to  Tom H.

Until lately, new rigs have been selling at or above, MSRP. The MSRP was usually discounted 20% to 30% at shows and for sales pushes. This impacted the pre-owned market, as dealers, unable to get new inventory, bought pre-owned units, refurbished them and sold them (often at a profit equal to or in excess of what they’d make on a new unit). I was going to buy a coach in WA but a dealer got to it first and marked it up 29.6% from what the owner was asking! Same on a coach in St. Louis I followed. Dealer bought it, marked it up 22% from the owner was ask. If normal discounts return at Hershey, pre-owned market prices will be undercut significantly. I get daily emails from RVT and RV Trader on price reductions on coaches I watch. By my estimation (based on the small cross-section of coaches I follow), prices have now fallen in line with pre-pandemic levels. However, the market always over corrects, so keeping my powder dry until fall/winter to pull the trigger.

John E (@guest_196148)
1 year ago

I agree with you completely. I have been tracking specific models in both RVTrader and RVT and am seeing the prices coming down. Another few months and I’ll be a buyer.

Bob M (@guest_195878)
1 year ago

It’s hard to believe they’re still selling RV’s at the prices they are. Seems like dealers have plenty on their lot. A dealer 100 miles from me indicates on his web site he has 533 new RV’s. I’d like to get a different travel trailer, but not at the present prices.

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