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RV Travel Channel attracting record viewers



stats-767(November 3, 2016) — The channel on YouTube is attracting more views than ever, about 400,000 a month — 13,500 a day on average — with those viewers watching a whopping 18,160 hours of programming in the last 30 days alone. “That’s the equivalent of about two years of viewing, 24 hours a day,” said RV Travel editor Chuck Woodbury, who hosts many of the channel’s more than 500 videos. “No traditional TV show about RVing gets those numbers day in and day out,” he said.

“There are a few other channels about RVing that actually have more views —most by individuals or couples — but we offer the most diverse range of topics and viewpoints by more than two dozen contributors, including RV technical experts Gary Bunzer, Chris Dougherty and Mark Polk as well as RV tire expert Roger Marble and RV electrical engineer Mike Sokol.”

A new series about boondocking by contributor Dave Helgeson offers perhaps the best introduction to the lifestyle on the Web. “Dave’s tutorial on how to use Google Earth to find places to camp is amazing,” said Woodbury. “He shows not only how to locate spots, but how to determine if an RVer can get there based on things like condition of the roads and even their steepness.”

Woodbury recently sold his home near Seattle and is now living full-time on the road, operating his business like many other RV entrepreneurs from wherever he happens to be.

“I have a long list of videos ready to shoot,” he says, although he says he’s finding it difficult to find time to produce them. “My writing keeps getting in my way,” he explained with a grin. “Everywhere I look there are stories, and I just can’t resist.”

Woodbury at work.

WOODBURY WRITES NEARLY EVERY DAY in his Roadside Journal, musings about what he finds as he travels, reported in his folksy, often offbeat way. “I’m definitely attracted to the offbeat,” he says. In the last week he has written about an Oregon’s city seal, displayed in city hall, made entirely of 4,200 items pulled from its sewer system. In Jacksonville, he wrote about a cafe with a floor covered with 120,000 pennies.

He began Roadside Journal in print form nearly 25 years ago, when it was published four times a year in his on-the-road newspaper Out West as well as in newspapers throughout the country via the New York Times Syndicate. “I have been called the ‘first blogger’ more than once,” said Woodbury. “Back then I’d write most days but would have to wait until the next issue of Out West to publish it all. Nowadays, I can post as I go, which seems like a real luxury.”

The RV Travel Channel is at

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