RVelectricity: Is there anybody out there? Part 1


By Mike Sokol

Dear Readers,
In order for me to get sponsorship support for my RVelectricity articles that are published here, I need your help. I’m getting conflicting reports about how many of you read my articles in this space, as well as my Just Ask Mike (JAM) sessions and my monthly RVelectricity newsletter. Some of our search engines say it’s as little as 250 readers when these columns are first published, while others say it’s more like 2,500 readers or even more, and I have no idea. And these search engines don’t tell me anything about the technical level I’m writing at.

So I’m asking you to complete these polls, which I’ll use to adjust how many RVelectricity articles I write per month and at what level of technical difficulty.

PLEASE NOTE that if there is an ad below each poll they are auto-inserted by Google and I have no control over what appears in that space. So just because it shows up in my article does NOT indicate that I endorse whatever is being advertised. (Plus, we may be getting rid of those ads below the polls, if they’re still there when you view these.)

Please answer both polls.

*If there is an ad above, it is auto-generated by Google and is not necessarily an endorsement from Mike.

*If there is an ad above, it is auto-generated by Google and is not necessarily an endorsement from Mike.

I’m going to run similar polls in my upcoming Just Ask Mike (JAM) Session, and my RVelectricity Newsletter (arriving tomorrow, Sunday), so please watch for them.

Also, read my interview in the latest RVBusiness newsletter HERE, which just published on Friday, February 28.

And I’ll do a poll later about which RV Rallies and Shows you think I should present at. But for now, the two polls above will be sufficient (plus in tomorrow’s RVelectricity Newsletter and Monday’s JAM Session). Thank you very much for your help with this.

Let’s play safe out there….


Mike Sokol is an electrical and professional sound expert with 50+ years in the industry. His excellent book RV Electrical Safety is available at Amazon.com. For more info on Mike’s qualifications as an electrical expert, click here.

For information on how to support RVelectricity and No~Shock~Zone articles, seminars and videos, please click the I Like Mike Campaign.


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I couldn’t get to the polls – no links.

Deborah Belcher

I read sometimes, mostly so when my husband starts talking about this stuff I understand a little of what he is saying. I have learned some good info and tips even though I have only been browsing the last three months. Made my day when I could tell hubby “I read an article that helped” when I could actually contribute to what he was going on about. don’t own an RV yet but planning to order within a year.
will feel much better understanding a few things before taking off.

Rick Adams

I have a older Northern Lite truck camper; we often boondock. We have lots of battery operated devices we like to charge/run at night … including laptop, flashlight, cell phone and camera battery chargers. Currently I plug an inverter into the cab’s 12v plug, then run a 110v extension cord out the truck window and into the camper via the pass through window and finally terminate that with a 6 outlet power strip. It has worked pretty well but surely is a bit of a nuisance at times. Is there a better way to do this? We’ve been told that a new camper would have 12v outlets in the back allowing us to do much the same thing with a little less mess. Thoughts? Advice? … particularly on the size and brand of an inverter you might recommend. Many thanks!

Keira Bianchi

Hi Mike, I appreciate your articles and information. I don’t read the RV Newsletter very often because I can’t handle Chuck’s negativity and flood of advertisements. Can I subscribe to your newsletter directly?


not only do I read everything published on rvtravel, I bought the book too!


I read each article. Like the way they are written. Learn from the basic (easy) articles & read the more technical ones but will probably not attempt them; just try to remember some of it to know when
I need help. Keep up the good work.


First, target level… maybe rather than different levels for each article, maybe do a basic-to-technical progression within each article? E.g. for plumbing, Newbies: close your black tank. Intermediate: the pyramid. Advanced: pressure washing after the mistake.

Shilling: I have to agree with Ron, with caveats. I understand the desire for Amazon skimming and Honda-hyping as a revenue stream, but it does blur into reader disinformation at times. For years, I mentioned the $400 HFT 2K inverter genny being nearly as good as Honda while RVT preached Honda as the only option. Maybe We endorse Honda as premium, but HFT is really good for the budget minded

Just this week you featured the 3lite+voltage tester for $20 when it’s $6 direct from AE (where Amazon resells). I’m sure you know Amazon is NOT the cheapest source, and increasingly not even fastest (when Amazon places the order on AE wh the same 15- day shipping). Maybe full disclosure would be RVT collects a 5% commission on Amazon orders if you wish to support us; otherwise the best price is [here].

John T

I don’t understand your problem. You must have comprehensive page-view and visitor data available from your web site host. You can also sign up for Google Analytics.

Steve in Alaska

Mike, I am 73 years young and the ole’ memory isn’t what it used to be! I still enjoy reading your articles and learning (in many cases RE-learning) about electrical issues. A lot of what you write seems to be above me, but I still read it and after a while it seems to sink in. I appreciate your articles and am glad we have someone like you to write about these issues, even if I don’t understand it all. I guess if I did, I would be writing it and you would be reading it!
Thanks for all the articles and I wouldn’t change a thing!


Mike, when I ask what’s a good voltage for my battery, I don’t want to hear just 12.6 to 13.2V. I want to know why and what those numbers represent. (Contrary to some other opinions below.)

I wouldn’t change the way you write articles. If part of an article is something that I already know, I skim over that part.

I’ve bought some things that you’ve recommended on Amazon, and rejected others after reading the reviews. I don’t have to click on the links!

Keep up the good work

Bob Godfrey

I always appreciate your articles and the education I get from them. Many thanks!


Hey Mike, have a question. I have a 2007 class C on a E-350 ford with the V10. I replaced both front blinker, running lights and headlights with LED bulbs. After short time I was under the hood and noticed the resistors (big 5 or 10 watt ceramic) were melting to the plastic, I rerouted. Question is, am I being cost effective wasting power in the resistors verses standard filament bulbs?
Thanks for all you do. Pete


I respect your intelligence and the massive amount of information you have to offer.
Here’s my take on it all. When I ask someone what time it is, I don’t want them to tell me how to build a watch. I feel you do that much to often. Boring.
Also, your attempts and Chuck Woodbury’s constant pushing to purchase products on Amazon is a real turn off. Read the reviews on some of the stuff your suggesting we buy. Much of it is just crap. In my mind it makes you look like a pusher for CW and somewhat of a ‘snake oil salesman’.