RVers park illegally outside old San Diego Chargers Park


    After the San Diego Chargers football team moved to Los Angeles, their training facility that used to be filled with millionaire football stars is now vacant and a gathering of RVs have parked outside the park on Murphy Canyon Road with people simply trying to survive.

    “This little spot of ground right here to me is home,” Navy Veteran Ed Zozosky told NBC 7, showing the space outside of his RV.

    Zozosky and others that spoke to NBC 7 said the spot is ideal because they are rarely bothered by law enforcement. They said they cannot afford to rent spaces at RV parks because it costs too much to park many of their “oversized” motorhomes.

    According to the San Diego Municipal Code, it’s illegal to park any oversized vehicle or RV on a public street between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. with certain exceptions.

    Violators face $100 fines and the possibility of towing.

    The city owns the old training grounds and a spokesperson said unless people park on the Chargers Park property itself, the issue falls to San Diego Police.

    Zozosky and other in his position are tired of being viewed as a criminal simply for parking and living.

    “I bled for this country, yet I’m a criminal. That’s not right,” he said.


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    Katherine Correll
    2 years ago

    If the land is vacant and available; If crime is not an issue; If the area is kept clean. What is the problem?

    Captn John
    2 years ago

    Own an “Oversized Motorhome” and cannot afford fees. Maybe a normal TT should be in their future. San Diego is not noted for a low cost of living either. I checked, I have no sh*** to give.

    2 years ago

    Agree with Roy, thank you for your service but we are a nation of laws without which we descend into anarchy. Maybe San Diego is not the place for you to “simply park and live”. Agree that something needs to be done especially for vets but breaking the laws which you fought to uphold is not the answer.

    2 years ago

    Zozosky may be a vet, and I thank him for his service. I served just as he did … but that does NOT give me a ‘Get Out of Jail FREE’ card for living in violation of legal rules & regulations, nor does it give one to Zozosky.

    Maybe something should be done to help some folks, but until it is … da rules is da rules !!!