Wednesday, September 28, 2022


Shake, rattle, roll down the road — but the crystal stays put

By Jim Twamley

It’s often been said that by driving or pulling our rigs down the road we expose them to earthquake-like conditions. It’s a wonder more stuff doesn’t fall and break! So, how do we secure something like a crystal vase that we want to stay in one place while we travel? The answer is found in products like Museum Gel, Museum Putty and Museum Wax.

Each of these stick-’em products has a specific recommended application. We added color treatment to Museum Putty to show where it’s attached to an object we don’t want to shake loose. Here an RV dealer uses Museum Putty to hold the dishes secure on the table so they can take customers on test drives without breaking the decorations.

Museum Putty will secure most anything to keep it from falling and breaking. Museum Putty comes ready to use in a sheet. You just pull off a chunk and roll it in your fingers until soft, then stick it on the bottom of the item you are securing. Then you slightly twist the item with the putty onto the surface and “presto,” you’re done. It will not harm wood finishes and it can be used over and over again. You can purchase Museum Putty at Amazon.

Museum Gel (also available at Amazon) is another product that works best for anchoring crystal and glass objects because it is clear. You apply it the same as Museum Putty, but it takes about an hour to set. Museum Wax (at Amazon) is the best choice for more permanent placement of objects. It works well on wood shelves but can become more difficult to remove if objects are left in place more than one year.


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