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South Carolina county/city court fight sounds like “Matlock” episode

By Russ and Tiña De Maris
The Horry County, South Carolina, county/city court fight considering the possible sale of land occupied by two RV parks continues. It’s beginning to sound like an episode from the old TV series “Matlock”. Like when Matlock pulls off one of his legal coups, and the prosecutor has a hissy fit.

Andy Griffith as Atty. Ben Matlock

City wants to sell – county doesn’t like it

We’ve reported the city of Myrtle Beach has offered to sell land it owns to the present occupants. They are Lakewood Camping Resort and Pirateland Family Camping Resort. This has led to a swift reaction from Horry County. Seems its airport receives monetary support from the RV park leases. So the county filed suit, asking for an injunction to stop the sale. The court issued a temporary injunction until the matter could be heard.

The hearing has now come and gone. At the hearing, a judge signed off on a city-provided order, allowing the sale to proceed. Now the county’s attorney is having a reaction similar to that of a dog whose tail has been stepped on.

Legalese galore in the county/city court fight

In what looks like a case of “If you can’t convince them with facts, storm them with words,” attorneys representing the county have peppered their appeal with plenty of jargon. “The City loaded up its proposed order of 30-plus pages with unsubstantiated dicta that is no doubt included for the purpose of giving the City an unfair leg up as this case progresses,” writes an attorney representing Horry County.

The yelling gets louder: “This is disingenuous litigation conduct, as orders regarding injunctions are not binding later in the case and the Court should not endorse the City’s attempt to gain an unfair advantage with these litigation tactics.” It adds, “The City’s motivation for loading up its proposed order with such superfluous remarks is obvious, as it apparently intends to litigate this case in the media, rather than in court.”

City officials, perhaps wisely, are keeping mute on the pained pleadings of the county. The county, in addition to filing the appeal, has also put out a news release. It reads in part: “The County leaves such matters up to the courts, which filings can be read as they are, without adulteration, embellishment, or exaggeration. Litigation matters are not public opinion contests, lest we reduce such important issues best left to the judicial branch of government to injudicious opinion and commentary.”

All of this ado in this county/city court fight may cause some to wonder: If such important issues are best left to the courts and not that of the court of public opinion, then why the news release?


A pending lawsuit may crimp plans of owners of two RV parks in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Now, despite the threats of the local county airport, the city has given approval of selling off the land . . .

The Horry County, South Carolina, fight over the sale of two RV parks we’ve been reporting on has taken a new, but not unexpected, turn.

Horry County asks court to reconsider decision in campground land case: From



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J Castle
1 year ago

We have camped at both these parks. They are both already well established resorts. Hopeful that they can both now “own” the parcels that they now occupy.

1 year ago

Read the reason – it’s all about the almighty buck$.

1 year ago
Reply to  Steve

It seems to me that the land should have been put on the open market for sale instead of a closed offering to a limited audience. Perhaps the county should buy the land and lease it back to the campgrounds.

This smells fishy in my opinion.

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