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Steps in coating your RV roof

By Dicor Corporation

In coating your RV roof, it is important that the whole cleaning and coating procedure be done in one day. For example, when coating EPDM roofing, the cleaner/activator not only cleans the roof surface, it also opens the pores in the EPDM membrane for about five to six hours. Once the cleaner/activator is rinsed off the roof, the roof needs to dry completely. The coating needs to be applied while the pores are open so that the two-coat application embeds itself in the old roofing and bonds with it for a solid, tight seal (we love bonding). Remember, before applying the second coat, be sure the first coat is dry.

Find a day when you can be sure it’s not going to rain. I recommend starting right after the morning dew has dissipated. Then do the step one cleaning procedure and let it dry completely. Then apply two coats of the coating material (remember to let the first coat dry). Then let it sit to dry and set up before the evening dew. I like to see three to four hours of sunlight on the finished job. Lastly, make sure you have covered every inch of the roof and not cut any corners.

Once applied, roof coatings take 24 to 48 hours to fully cure and strengthen their bond with the roof. Refrain from doing anything else with the RV during this time and avoid rain and other hazards as best you can. Factor these things into your planning as well. Remember, with planning and prevention, you can stop bad things happening and enjoy your RV more.

Here’s a good schedule for your roof coating job:

Preparation phase:

• 1 to 2 weeks prior: Do any required lap sealant touch-up and replacement.
• 1 to 2 days prior: Apply any required peel-and-stick patches.

Coating day Don’t begin until roof is completely dry from rain or dew:

• Hour 1: Mask walls and caps with good-quality tape such as Frog Tape, and sweep all loose material off roof.
• Hour 2: Apply cleaner/activator to roof using pump sprayer. Rinse to remove all cleaner/activator and let the roof completely dry.
• Hour 3: Apply first coat of roof coating.
• Hour 4: Let coating completely dry. Dry time may vary with humidity, temperature, time of day, etc.
• Hour 5: Apply second coat of roof coating.
• Hour 6: Allow 3 to 4 hours between coating and sunset and possible onset of dew.
• Hour 7: —
• Hour 8: Allow 3 to 4 hours between coating and sunset and possible onset of dew.
• 24 – 48 hours after coating: Do not use RV while the coating is fully drying.
Use the right tools:
• A power washer with the correct nozzle (use a wider pattern, not a concentrated stream) and a long enough wand is a great tool for cleaning and rinsing your RV roof.
• A medium-nap roller is the best way to apply the coating material.

photo: Dicor Corporation


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