Friday, December 9, 2022


Stroll around your campsite for multiple benefits


By Greg Illes

There are a lot of good reasons to hunker down in your RV and stay put. Darkness, bad weather, a really good book or DVD — these are all compelling reasons to “hide inside.”

But getting out-and-about can be even more rewarding. My wife and I routinely “walk the camp” in nearly any kind of weather, usually at least once in the morning and once in the evening. Yes, we’ll take a walk even if it’s raining or snowing — or even storming (extremes excepted, of course). We find that there is a potpourri of benefits.

Exercise — It’s just an easy walk, not a cardio workout, but it’s definitely more blood pumping than sitting in a captain’s chair. Add the briskness of morning and evening temperatures and it can be nicely invigorating.

Sightseeing — Even the plainest of camps still has plenty to see; sometimes we just have to look harder. In RV camps there’s always the next rig or campsite, what they’re driving and how they drive it. In boondock areas, the local flora and fauna always delight. Honestly, with the right attitude, even a highway rest stop has its interesting elements. What breakdown did the trucker experience? Check out the huge roof-top load on that vacation SUV.

Conversation — In any camp with other campers resident, there is almost always an opportunity for a chat, short or long, as the circumstances may indicate. Local workers are fertile ground for a casual talk. And you never know what’s going to come up or who you’re going to run into. Being open and easy in our encounters produces some of the grandest gifts of our strolls.

Awareness — Knowing where we are, what is nearby, and the potential interactions are a good part of our camping prudence. Road hazards, dead trees, obnoxious animals — all good to know about. A cool little stream, an unseen trail, a hidden information placard — also good to know about. We keep an open eye and mind as we wander around.

Any or all of these reasons are enough to get us off our duff and outside on patrol.

Greg Illes is a retired systems engineer who loves thinking up RV upgrades and modifications. When he’s not working on his motorhome, he’s traveling in it. You can follow his blog at

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