Stupid Yellowstone tourists show unusually stupid behavior


Here you go, fellow (intelligent) readers. How do we know you are intelligent? Easy: We do not allow stupid people to read this website. By stupid people, we do not mean those with limited intelligence due to their genetics or birth circumstances, but those who are stupid because of their stupid behavior and/or purposeful lack of education.

The people you see in the video below are tourists at Yellowstone National Park, America’s first national park and home to many wild animals including bison, sometimes called buffalo. These animals are huge, and if they are not happy and you happen to be nearby you could be in a heap o’ trouble. An intelligent person knows this and keeps his or her distance.

But no … not these people. They get right in a bison’s face. Boy, are they asking for it! Toward the end of the video you will notice a family with small children approaching the bison. Who ever allowed them to be parents?

And notice the baby buffalo. Yikes! A law of travel, as taught in Tourism 1A, is to never approach a mama animal of any significant size that has a baby nearby! It will very often be protective and try to run you off, which, as you might guess, can be bad news for keeping your bones in their natural, unbroken order.

Stupid, stupid, stupid!


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Mark H Wargula
1 year ago

While in Yellowstone I watched a woman run down the road behind a young grizzly to film him, she finally stopped once a man repeatedly yelled at her which I can’t put the words here. People are idiots when it comes to wildlife in National Parks.

Rich K.
1 year ago

I live in a town that gets a lot of tourists, and I’ve noticed that they tend to exhibit stupid behavior here, too. Mostly in the way they drive. It’s as if when some people go on vacation they leave their brains at home. I try very hard NOT to act like an {bleeped} when my wife and I go out of town, first for our safety, and second, because I’d frankly be embarassed to think someone was watching me and thinking, “Gads, what idiots – wish they’d go back where they came from!” I try to leave a good impression wherever I go. Wish others would do the same…

Noel Johnson
1 year ago

Friend of ours says he learned where reverse gear was on a Harley in Yellowstone. Said amorous bull bison taught him.

RV Staff
1 year ago
Reply to  Noel Johnson

I bet he learned really quick! 😆 Thanks, Noel. Have a good night. 😀 –Diane

Noel Johnson
1 year ago

Got caught once, along with the park ranger, in the middle of a herd at LBL in Kentucky. We were parked, just watching, when the herd moved and surrounded us. Ranger singing ‘You can’t roller skate…”.

Noel Johnson
1 year ago

Just waiting for the lawsuit against the government for letting wild animals roam loose in Public areas.

1 year ago

I live quite close to Rocky Mountain Park in CO. We see/hear of this all of the time. Worse stupid one was a lady who put her toddler on top of an elk to take a picture….Park ranger saw this, arrested her, and fined her. Also when the elk come down into the city limits of Estes Park the tourists treat them as a tame animal !
“stupid is as stupid does”

Sharon B
1 year ago

Ignorance beyond belief! And if someone is hurt here comes the attorneys. Then comes the shotguns to kill the innocent animal who hurt those ignorant humans.
I strongly believe that very stringent rules need to be enforced by the parks. Reading material should be handed out and signed by the visitors before roaming around our parks. This will help to protect the animals and to educate humans before stupid goes out to pet the wildlife. So unfair is ignorance. We read about that all the time. Sad.

1 year ago

Can’t believe these bison were so unconcerned with the intruders, particularly with their young nearby. There is an old saying “God protects fools and children.” This seems like proof of that!

1 year ago

They were all looking around and thinking “I can run faster than him/her.”
Luckily nothing happened, which will reinforce that they can do this again. Next time might not be so lucky and probably the Animal will suffer the encounter.

Ben Gohlke
1 year ago

As a famous person once said….
Stupid is as stupid does…..
People aren’t stupid, people do stupid things.
Those people were lucky, for sure. Unfortunately for them, since nothing bad happened they did not learn anything and probably did the same thing later.

Dennis G.
1 year ago

Been to Yellowstone three times. Sadly on my second trip I witnessed this same behavior. Luckily, a park ranger rolled up with his truck, and over his loud speaker told them to back away from the bison. Stupid tourists.

1 year ago

We’ve been to Yellowstone twice. They advise you when you go through the gate and every public bathroom and other areas have posters advising of the extreme danger of approaching wild animals, yet we witnessed it happening multiple times daily. I feel sorry for the children of these “wildlife morons.”

Sandra Lochner Pearson
1 year ago

Tourons…they are called tourons.

1 year ago

Ugh they are Everywhere.

Maxwell Schmatt
1 year ago

I have a long held belief that easy access to remote, “adventure areas” (National parks, etc) are what makes people think the wildlife is tame. If it’s easy to get to, “it must be safe”. Just a theory but it seems to get supported time and time again…

I have no problem today watching videos of stoopid people playing stoopid games and winning stoopid prizes!! It is actually entertaining to watch the thinning of the gene pool.

Paul Vicalvi
1 year ago

We can see it in others but I bet all of us have done “stupid “ somewhere along in life. Being human is a challenge at times.

Larry Lee
1 year ago

If those tourists had ever searched “bison and tourists” on Youtube, they would not be doing what they are doing.

Donald N Wright
1 year ago

Stupid? Folks have seen animals in cages or in zoos, are overwhelmed when they see them in the wild. Funny, they would not approach a shark…

1 year ago

What bothers me most is that the National Park employees (rangers or other employees) often put their own life in danger to ‘save’ these stupid people. We saw this first hand when a ranger rushed to protect a family of tourists taking pictures that were approaching a grizzly that was rooting in a field!

Deborah Mason
1 year ago

One of the worst things about stupid people getting away with these potentially deadly encounters is that they tell everyone how tame the animals are. And they are believed. Then someone else pays the price. Nobody seems to realize that if the animal decides enough is enough, they are too close for any hope of escape.