Tuesday, November 28, 2023


Switch indicator on the blink? LEDs to the rescue!

An electrical switch with an indicator light in it is no fun. They may tell you that your water heater is on, or your door step is “locked.” But when they go on the blink, they can leave you “in the dark.” Finding a replacement switch can be a costly (if not impossible) task. We’re here to provide an inexpensive work-around: Simply add a low-cost LED indicator.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.14.30 PMFirst, you’ll need to match up your voltage requirement. Most stuff in our RVs is 12-volt powered, but you may run into some “shore power” switches. Once you know what the voltage is, visit in person (or on the web) an LED supplier. A handy size indicator is typically about a quarter-inch in diameter. We found some on the web for less than $3 each. Just do a search like, “LED pilot light.”

It’s best to turn off the power before starting–especially when working with shore power devices. On the switch panel (or nearby) drill the appropriately-sized hole and push the LED barrel, leads first, into the hole. Using a similar sized flat push-on speed nut, push the nut over the leads and flush up against the back side of the panel, firmly holding the new indicator in place. Connect the leads of the LED to the switch contacts where the existing wires connect up, in “parallel” with the existing dead indicator lamps.

Ah, face it: You’re brilliant!



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L. Zarling (@guest_1136)
7 years ago

I enjoy these articles BUT “Switch indicator on the blink” was not very complete. More detail about different switch types and the leads on them is need. Parallel and in Series is understood but further explanation is required. Thank you.

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