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Do you leave your porch light on?

By Bob Difley I admit to being grumpy when RVers diminish my camping experience, like playing the TV too loud, building a smoky campfire and...

Cross the Idaho Panhandle on the Silver Valley’s Mullan Road

By Bob Difley The Schee-chu-umsh people lived beside an idyllic azure-blue lake surrounded by towering pines in what is now the Idaho Panhandle. Each year...

Fall is the best time for RVers to tour the Oregon Coast

By Bob Difley The arrival of fall is welcomed by many RVers for road touring and sightseeing on the Oregon Coast. Kids are back in...

Over 400 miles of shoreline define tiny Rhode Island’s motto, “The Ocean State”

By Bob Difley When you think of states that identify with the ocean, Florida and California come to mind. But the state that lays claim...

Visit the Florida Panhandle coastline for a less-crowded snowbird destination

By Bob Difley On Florida’s Forgotten Coast - the Gulf of Mexico along the Florida Panhandle - the Apalachicola River empties into the Gulf through...

Spirits, poltergeists, and things that go bump in the night

By Bob Difley It’s a proven fact. We humans like to be frightened by movies, books (try reading a Stephen King novel without glancing behind...

Migrants came to San Simeon – and they stayed – now numbering 17,000

By Bob Difley November is an anniversary date to note. It is the anniversary of the arrival in 1990 of the first elephant seals to...

Camp on the tree-shaded river bank of Oregon’s Metolius Recreation Area

By Bob Difley The central Oregon town of Sisters, often called the “Gateway to the Cascades,” is named for the snow-capped Three Sisters peaks of...

The Old West lives on in Modoc County, CA’s, remote ranchlands

By Bob Difley If you are a Californian, you are likely sometimes surprised by the number of RVers that say, “I won’t travel in California...

Explore the West’s explosive history on the Volcanic Legacy National Scenic Byway

By Bob Difley Before Global Warming was the media’s favorite weather topic, even before the last Ice Age, when the earth was a youngster about...

Three distinct ecosystems define Washington’s vast Olympic National Park

By Bob Difley The imposing Olympic Mountain Range rises from the Pacific’s continental shelf like a great wall, whose presence affects the entire Olympic Peninsula,...

Meander California’s Sonoma County coastline for spectacular ocean views

By Bob Difley Clinging like an asphalt snake to precipitous cliffs that drop hundreds of feet into the rocky surf, Northern California’s Route 1 is...