Saturday, December 5, 2020
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These two inexpensive cleaning agents work great!

By Bob Difley Before buying those high-priced, fancy-packaged, specialized cleaning supplies, here are cleaning tips using two items you probably already have in your rig....

RVers must take responsibility for their own safety

By Bob Difley RVers must take responsibility for their own safety, especially when boondocking. One of the many joys associated with boondocking is finding those...

Can your “other half” handle the rig? They should know how

By Bob Difley Though becoming more balanced among couples, more men still drive their RVs than women. If you are the female half of a...

Solar RVing in the shade

By Bob Difley If you like to boondock away from the beaten track, summertime camping often means looking for a bit of shade to help...

Save on your RV-lifestyle expenses

By Bob Difley Here are some ways to stretch your RVing dollars. Many of these tips will help you save money at home, too. • Stay...

Boondocking and hiking: Be cautious, stay safe

By Bob Difley Some time back a 59-year-old woman went missing in a Northern California state park. She went missing for six days before a...

Secure your keys in HitchSafe receiver safe

By Bob Difley Do you ever fear that you may lose your keys during a hike? According to the best thieves, there is no perfect...

Easy ways to cut down on unnecessary electricity usage

By Bob Difley One of the skills for making boondocking more enjoyable if you haven't installed solar panels is the efficient use of your available...

Is it really safe to boondock?

By Bob Difley I've noticed that people who live in metropolitan areas have more uncertainty about their personal safety when boondocking than those who live...

Do you leave your porch light on?

By Bob Difley I admit to being grumpy when RVers diminish my camping experience, like playing the TV too loud, building a smoky campfire and...

Cross the Idaho Panhandle on the Silver Valley’s Mullan Road

By Bob Difley The Schee-chu-umsh people lived beside an idyllic azure-blue lake surrounded by towering pines in what is now the Idaho Panhandle. Each year...

Fall is the best time for RVers to tour the Oregon Coast

By Bob Difley The arrival of fall is welcomed by many RVers for road touring and sightseeing on the Oregon Coast. Kids are back in...