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Editor’s notes for July 27, 2018

By Chuck Woodbury Many odds and ends to report this week. Changes in our news section First, as you probably noticed, we changed our news section. Instead...

Notes from the editor, July 20, 2018

By Chuck Woodbury Editor First of all, I am a little frustrated about this issue, so please excuse me while I hop up on my soapbox...

Shocking: Many RVers “upside down” on RV loans

By Chuck Woodbury EDITOR I was alarmed by the results of our reader survey last week, when we asked, "If selling your RV today, would you...

Another bribe attempt. We declined

At, we get an email like this several times a week. Here's the latest, received Thursday, June 21: Hello,  My name is Jona (last name...

RV squatters ‘camp’, beg at Walmart

By Chuck Woodbury Editor The following appeared as a comment on one of our articles from a reader named James. I wanted to add my own...

Worries about tornadoes, and a video of RVs getting blown over

By Chuck Woodbury I have never before spent this time of the year in the Midwest. I never thought anything about monster lightning storms, golf-ball-sized...

RV industry publications ignore major news item

By Chuck Woodbury We ran an article last week about Ryan Andersen, the owner of Andersen Hitches of Idaho Falls, Idaho. He was...

Let there be obnoxious lights in the RV park

By Chuck Woodbury After reading this, please answer the poll below. That's a neighbor's RV above. He turns on the lights every evening and...

Soapbox: RV industry continues to disappoint

By Chuck Woodbury EDITOR It's Friday. Gail and I drove yesterday (my usual writing day) from Wichita Falls, Texas, to Ponca City, Oklahoma, for...

Is RV industry president out of touch with RVers?

By Chuck Woodbury We posted an article earlier this week from a periodical called SGB Executive. It quotes the president of the Recreation Vehicle...

RV industry president delights in RVing growth

Excerpted from an article in SGB Executive With the RV (recreational vehicle) industry seeing record sales over the last three years at a double-digit...

For a good sleep – don’t camp here!

By Chuck Woodbury editor, You want a peaceful night's rest? Then don't camp by railroad tracks. If you've been RVing for long, you know that's no...