Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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A visit to Annie Oakley’s grave

Old West sharpshooter Annie Oakley was born just north of Greenville, Ohio, and lived her final days there. She's buried alongside her husband Frank...

Really? RV industry survey doesn’t even suggest improving quality

By Chuck Woodbury Did you see all the recalls we posted in this weekend's RVtravel.com newsletter? We reported eight for the week but that's...

RV park trend: Luring customers without RVs

By Chuck Woodbury You see the cover of the magazine? That's Woodall's Campground Management, the largest publication covering the RV park industry. Notice the headline...

Remembering my father, ten years after his passing

By Chuck Woodbury My father died ten years ago today. He was a healthy man. It should not have been his time. I will...

Stupid RVer Trick: Mud bogging

Oh, what silly, stupid, idiotic things some people do! Here's yet another example of Stupid RVer Tricks. Seriously low IQ's are at work here,...

Rants not welcome on this website

By Chuck Woodbury Editor Last Saturday, our big day at RVtravel.com when we open our cyber doors to about 40,000 visitors (readers), some readers' comments...

Has Good Sam Man been hijacked by Gander Man?

By Chuck Woodbury Good Sam Club CEO Marcus Lemonis, also head of Camping World, with ownership in about 100 other businesses, recently purchased the...

From our readers: Preparing for a medical emergency

By Chuck Woodbury I wrote last week about Gail taking a nasty fall in our campground, slamming her head on concrete. Read that post...

A trip to the emergency room and what it taught me

By Chuck Woodbury A man knocked on my door yesterday at 4 p.m. "Gail asked me to come get you," he said. "She tripped...

RV industry toots its own horn

Here's a five-minute video from the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association where it highlights its efforts in 2017 on behalf of its members to promote...

Texas’ Stonehenge is good RV short stop

By Chuck Woodbury It's called Stonehenge 2, but it's not. Maybe Stonehenge 3 or 4, maybe 5. There are a lot of Stonehenge's, that's...

BLM sand dunes RV safety video is dumb

By Chuck Woodbury OPINION Do you have a few minutes to watch a video produced by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) that purports to...