Friday, April 10, 2020
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Video: Hilarious dog gives quarantine advice

This hilarious video was posted to Facebook. We couldn't help but share it with you. Make sure your volume is turned up! Enjoy!

Readers tell us: Do you prefer an RV park that does, or does not,...

By Emily Woodbury Well, by reading the results of this poll I know which ones of you I like, and who I don't like. I'm...

Dogs show off their cute little RV doggie houses

By Emily Woodbury According to a recent study by ThisIsMadeUp Inc., 52 percent of human RVers are over the age of 60 and 32 percent...

How to fit a dog backpack

About half of RVtravel.com readers bring along one or more dogs on their trips. And for many of those readers a big part of...

Keep track of your dog with a camera strapped to its back

If your dog has almost everything, but not everything, here is something to acquire to be sure it's the most fully-equipped canine in your...