Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Looking for something to do at home? Got any old slides?

By Chris Guld, Geeks on Tour How do I get my slides into Google Photos? While we stay home, we are pulling out our old...

Sharing the beauty: A 600,000-photograph cross-country journey

By RonnieSue Ambrosino It's a very difficult time for all of us. Many people are focused on trying to navigate through this world that was...

Travel photos should include location information

Superman! What an iconic piece of Americana, but what if you don't remember where you were when you took this photo? If you take...

Eight tips for taking professional-grade travel photos

By Bob Difley You don’t need expensive photographic equipment to take good travel photos if you follow these tips that professional travel photographers use for...

Don’t get lost – Find your way back by taking a photo

by Chris Guld, GeeksOnTour.com As an RV traveler, this has to be my favorite feature of Google Photos. I take a picture every time we...

Vintage RV photos: “Harriet” the house car

By Russ and Tiña De Maris We don't imagine that too many of our readers attended this RV gathering. It was January 10, 1929, in...

Can’t take a good picture from a moving vehicle? Sure you can.

It is difficult to take a good picture while in a moving vehicle. You can’t take the time to properly frame the shot, and...

Take pictures as you travel? Make an album to share with friends

Traveling by RV gives us unlimited opportunities to snap fabulous photos! My smartphone is always available and it takes great pictures. I snap at...

Take a picture inside a pipe, and other places you can’t see

Have you ever needed to look somewhere that you just couldn't see? Maybe you dropped something behind the couch, or down a drain? It's...

Eight tips for taking great cell phone photos!

By Nanci Dixon Having been a professional food and architectural photographer for 40 years, I have put away my 8x10, 4x5, and 35 mm film...

Make your travel photos go from so-so to stunning

by Chris Guld, GeeksOnTour.com Do you go to beautiful places and take pictures that don't do the place justice? I am often disappointed when I...

Taking a trip? Don’t leave home without Google Photos

“I’m going on a 3-week cruise starting tomorrow and I’m afraid my phone will run out of space for taking photos.” Don't let that happen...