Friday, August 14, 2020
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Norcold refrigerator gets warm. What’s the problem?

Chris Dougherty is a certified RV technician. Here is a question he received from one of our readers. Dear Chris, We have a 4-door model Norcold...

Tools for RVers: Flue brush

By Chris Dougherty Certified RV technician A tool I have used many times over the years is the flue brush. They come in different sizes and...

How to troubleshoot electronically controlled RV appliances

By Russ and Tiña De Maris Perhaps some of the most mysterious of RV technical issues surrounds electronically controlled appliances. 'Back in the old days,'...

Beware of dangers lurking in re-frozen food

By Bob Difley To be sure your refrigerator's freezer is working properly, put an ice cube in a small cup in the freezer and look...

Help your RV refrigerator operate more efficiently

By Rene AgredanoIf you've watched food become prematurely moldy or endure freezer burn inside your RV refrigerator, the problem could be resolved as easily...

Got an “uncool” RV refrigerator? This could be the issue

By Steve Savage, RV Mobility Service   Do you have an RV refrigerator that's not keeping its cool? We often make service calls for this very...

Reduce unwanted power draw on your Dometic RV refrigerator

By Neal Weber   Many of the Dometic refrigerators have a heat strip in the door frame at the top of the refrigerator section. This is...

Use wireless thermometers to track important areas

By Greg Illes Once upon a time, the only reliable temperature measurement was with a hollow glass rod filled with mercury. As awkward and fragile...

Tune up your RV fridge for better food care

By Greg Illes The Norcold and Dometic RV refrigerators are ubiquitous, and RVers who live away from AC power a lot of the time really...

How to help keep your RV fridge food fresh

The typical RV refrigerator is smaller than the one in your home and many RVers tend to overstuff it, making it difficult for air...

Is a hair blow dryer good for defrosting an RV fridge?

In an letter to RVtravel.com, a reader explains how he uses a hair blow dryer to defrost his RV refrigerator. So is this...