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Avoid hidden fees by knowing a park’s reservation system

RVtravel.com reader Jeffrey Torsrud has been an avid RVer for nearly two decades and has owned several RVs. He offers this warning about fees...

The RV Shrink: Co-op discombobulation: To invest or not to invest in an RV...

Dear RV Shrink: Perhaps you can referee a disagreement between my husband and me. I want to invest in an RV lot in a co-op...

Examples of horrible RV hookups

RV parks are not created equal — some are really good, some really bad. Here are two examples of what any veteran RVer comes...

Thousand Trails: Thumbs up, thumbs down

It depends on your source, but according to two recent reports, Thousand Trails is a really great organization to belong to, or maybe not...

Building an RV park from scratch: Monsoon season is here!

By Machelle James Oh, joy! We had our first monsoon storm of the summer and it did not disappoint us! We are used to monsoon...
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Reader comment: Shortage of RV spaces a big problem

A reader named Roy left this comment last week to one of our articles. Like many other RVers, he is concerned about the increasing...

Will RV parks nix fixed prices and charge based on demand?

By Andy Zipser Andy and his family are the owners and operators of the Walnut Hills Campground and RV Park in Staunton, Virginia. One of the...

KOA president to appear today on Facebook Live RV program

The Facebook Live program RVing in New England will welcome Toby O’Rourke, president of Kampgrounds of America, to its online talk show today (Wednesday,...

I live in an RV park, which is really a mobile home park

By Chuck Woodbury It's 2 p.m. A motorhome just pulled in my RV park and stopped literally inches away from our car. Gail was afraid...

Ninety-space casino RV park to open in Tucson

Work officially got underway Thursday on Casino Del Sol’s newest hotel in Tucson, Arizona. The 151-room hotel, expected to be completed by the end of...

RV park bases its fee on number of slide-outs. Huh?

By Chuck Woodbury A recent Facebook post told of an Idaho RV park that charges an extra $1.50 a day for each slide-out on an RV....

Let there be obnoxious lights in the RV park

By Chuck Woodbury After reading this, please answer the poll below. That's a neighbor's RV above. He turns on the lights every evening and...