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The Business of Work Camping – How to stay healthy when RVing

By Sam Suva

Work camping is a miniature version of our former sticks-and-bricks life. Most of the things we do while living in an RV are similar to the things we do living in a house. We bring the groceries in the RV, we wash the windows and we swap out the winter and summer clothes. However, in an RV we do not have the luxury of space, so the weight bench and elliptical are out. How does a work camper stay fit?

Disclaimer: Always check with a doctor before making any lifestyle changes!

Eat a balanced diet
It seems like this would be an easy habit, but for those who are twice-a-year or weekend campers, what do you eat? Graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate, right? There is enough space to purchase and maintain groceries for a couple for two weeks. That’s grains, vegetables, protein and dairy. Make a meal plan for a month then rotate the food for delicious meal choices.

No more sweating to the oldies – the treadmill doesn’t fit in front of the TV anymore. I actually witnessed a work camper with a treadmill just outside the camper, and they used it regularly. In reality, that probably isn’t going to be allowed in a campground that is overnight and active.

A campground that has more than a hundred sites has its own walking track! It’s at least a half-mile. It can be gravel or paved, but it can still provide a healthy, invigorating walk or jog to keep the blood pressure in check. Some campgrounds have exercise rooms – a couple of machines and weights without any of the extras, but it is enough to start or maintain a healthy routine.

Most campgrounds have a water amenity, a pool or a lake where swimming is allowed. Swimming is all-around good exercise.

Our bodies require a minimum of three 20-minute sessions of active exercise each week. This is specific to exercise, and the actions we take while working are not as conducive to being healthy as dedicated exercise. So go out there and stretch, reach for those weights and start counting the reps!

Well, my wife reminded me, really just keep your mind active. Read a mystery, or documentary, the Bible or an encyclopedia (do they even have those anymore?). Complete a puzzle, use a coloring book or take up photography – these hobbies and pastimes help us to “exercise” our minds.

This is absolutely vital. Get to know the campers – the long-term, the overnighters, the seasonals – and enjoy their company. Laughter is quantifiable exercise, with measurable results. Play board games and yard games, entertain at the recreation hall with darts, arcade games and pool table.

Are your new friends tech savvy? How about apps on your cell phone with challenging games that you can play with them? Many word-based puzzle games are very popular and fun. Then when you get together, you have something else to laugh about.

See you down the road,


Sam Suva and his wife are work campers. They began work camping more than 10 years ago and have spent a lot of time working as they traveled. In this new weekly feature, they will share their experiences with you, with an emphasis on how to incorporate work camping into a full time RV lifestyle.

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Sam (@guest_53322)
4 years ago

If you want more information on how we stay healthy through diet, please email me at samsuvarv(at) .

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