Monday, December 4, 2023


Thoroughly clean black water tanks with flusher system

Many RVs now come with black tank flushing systems built in at the factory, but some don’t — and some folks actually want to add them to their grey tanks, as well.

What are tank flushers? They are special nozzles that are attached to a holding tank and piped to a convenient connection point on the coach where a garden hose can be connected. When the tank is drained, supplying water to this connection allows the nozzle to spray all over the inside of the tank, rinsing the tank and getting the “stickies” to go down the drain instead of collecting inside your tank. This allows the process to be done from outside the coach instead of going inside with a hose and sticking a nozzle down the toilet, bringing dirt and odor inside the coach.

The kits are relatively easy for a good do-it-yourselfer to install. The Camco Tornado is a good choice because of the way the nozzle rotates. It is available from Amazon. Other brands and styles are available from your favorite RV parts retailer! — Chris Dougherty

See part 1 of this subject: See what’s coming out your sewer hose to be sure you’re done.



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