Monday, September 27, 2021


Tour a new Thor gasser motorhome. For camping? Nope. For living!

Below is a promotional video from Thor about its 2022 Windsport Class A motorhomes — 29-foot to 34-foot models.

It’s hard to imagine this was designed for camping. Well, it wasn’t. It was imagined by designers who wanted to include every creature comfort. It was designed for living. Fishing poles optional.

It’s got everything a nice home would have — a bath and a half, beautiful kitchen, multiple TVs, and space for a washer-dryer. Leave your sleeping bags at home (obviously) because these comfy rolling mansions have king beds and other creature comforts that Cleopatra could never imagine.

The 34-foot model has a walk-in closet. Every model profiled here has more built-in electronic devices, we’d guess, than 90 percent of American homes.

How many traditional homes have a double bed that drops down from the ceiling at the push of a button? Well, this “home” does, so bring those kids or grandkids along. They’ll beg to go to bed in this very cool, techno-advanced sleeping space. And if the neighbors’ kids or grandkids are along, the sofas and dinettes do double duty as a bed. Hey, bring along your favorite Cub Scout pack!

And, geez … no worries about getting your feet dirty outside having a meaningful experience with nature. Just hole up inside the comfort controlled space with the built in Wi-Fi gadgetry. “With the Wi-Fi extender you can create your own one-password hotspot,” the video’s host explains. What does this RV not have? Not much!

Okay, we’ve said enough. If you’re intrigued, watch the video. You might say, as Thor brass would want you to say, “Oh, I could live in that.”




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13 days ago

That thing will fall apart on it’s first trip to a campground or park LOL. What a POS.

16 days ago

Thor should concentrate on its current lack of quality issues, rather than creating more new ones.

16 days ago
Reply to  Marybeth

I agree with you 100 %

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