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Travel Drive for phones and tablets

By Chris Guld,

Expand your Phone's Storage with a Wireless Drive
A Smartphone and a Wireless Drive is a Complete Computing System

You probably know about Travel Drives for storing computer data files, photos, videos, music, etc. We call them by various names, Thumb drives, Flash drives, USB drives, Data Sticks, and more. But we’ve always needed a computer with a USB port in order to use them.

Now you can get a wireless drive that will work with your smartphone or tablet, Android or iOS! There has never been a more fully appointed office that fits in the palm of your hand! We did a Beginner’s Lesson on this drive, in Episode 80 of the Geeks on Tour What Does This Button Do? show, May 8, 2016. You can watch the entire 45 minute show, or use this link to jump to the point where we demonstrate using the drive with an iPad and then an Android phone.

The drive comes in 16GB, 32, 64, 128, and even 200GB storage size. Wow! Think about it – you can have all the power and all the storage capacity of a laptop computer, without the laptop! With this setup, there are many things you can do:

  1. Have your complete library of music, videos, and photos with you. Even full-length movies if you want entertainment. You can stream them to your phone or tablet for listening/viewing anywhere.
  2. Be able to back up all photos taken by your phone or tablet. The App that comes with the drive has an option for backing up all photos and videos. All you have to do is check the box to turn it on and from then on, anytime the drive is nearby and turned on, it will check for new photos and make copies.
  3. Carry all your important documents that you may need for Doctors, Lawyers, etc., and copy them to/from your phone or tablet to the professional’s computer (this is a regular USB drive as well).
  4. Carry the complete library of Geeks on Tour’s tutorial videos to watch at your leisure on any smartphone or tablet – without an Internet connection!

We use the Sandisk Wireless Flash drive and its accompanying App for both Android and iPhone/iPad. We bought from Amazon. The 32GB model is $29.99, and the 64GB is $39.99.


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3 years ago

Good idea… for those of us that do not do podcasts or other forms of streaming (saves a great deal on the data usage and wifi) what is the name of this product?

Chris Guld
6 years ago

I’m not saying this is the only way, but it solves some common problems. It’s been our experience that an adapter doesn’t work for iPhone-not enough power. Using this wireless device, 3 people could be streaming 3 different videos etc., using both android, and apple devices. And for backing up photos, it really couldn’t be easier! After installing the app, and checking the box for backup photos, you’re done. From now on, just turn on the wireless drive and it will grab any new photos from your phone.

Wolfe Rose
6 years ago

A wireless NAS (networked attached storage) is an unnecessarily complicated solution for what most are trying to accomplish. Much better is a $0.50 OTG (on-the-go) USB adapter, and just use any USB key you have, or for extreme storage (2000 DVDs on the road?), use a traditional harddrive enclosure, that would give you up to many *terabytes* for similar costs. Unless multiple simultaneous users is needed, USB is easier to access.

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