Tuesday, January 25, 2022


Uncle Sam suggests: Five camping spots you’ve never heard of

Every RVer has a little file in his or her head, listing some of their favorite haunts. Well, Uncle Sam has a file too, and recently, recreation.gov cut loose with a list of five destinations you may want to put on your investigation list.


Boulder Creek, California (Plumas National Forest)

  • Location: This spot is in the northern Sierra Nevada Mountains, northeast of San Francisco.
  • Features: It has everything nature lovers would want, such as beautiful lakes, streams and mountains, as well as prairies surrounded by plants and animals.
  • Activities: It is a place where you can swim, fish, ride a boat or kayak, mountain bike and camp.


Alley Creek Camp, Texas

  • Location: On the edge of Lake O’ the Pines, east of Dallas and near the towns of Jefferson and Marshall.
  • Features: There’s a magnificent lake surrounded by pine trees and the region’s native flora and fauna. The lake is a result of the construction of a dam, but now it’s considered an oasis of outdoor recreation.
  • Activities: Families can enjoy camping, swimming, hunting, fishing, boat rides, or hiking along trails and exploring nature.


Buck Lake, Florida

  • Location: This recreational area is located in Ocala National Forest.
  • Features: The Buck Lake area has the second longest forest in the state of Florida, and more than 600 lakes, rivers and springs that are popular tourist attractions.
  • Activities: This site offers a variety of ways to enjoy the open air, including fishing, boat rides, camping, picnics, hiking and more.


Camp Gateway, New York

  • Location: Situated at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, this park is a great natural space within the urban environment of New York City.
  • Features: The area’s meadows, trees, sand dunes, lagoons and beaches attract many tourists year-round.
  • Activities: You can choose among hiking, fishing, biking or camping. There are also guided tours and other programs available.

Apache Trout Campground, Arizona

  • Location: This spot is east of Phoenix, near the New Mexico border.
  • Features: Wide open spaces, pine forests, mountain scenery and Big Lake are all ideal for relaxation.
  • Activities: This is a good spot for outdoor activities like trout fishing, hiking, mountain biking, picnics and camping.


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7 years ago

From ReserveAmerica's website: "Buck Lake is a group camping facility in the heart of Ocala National Forest in Florida. Great for family reunions and social gatherings, the campground can host a group of up to 50 guests" It's a non electric site and you will pay $50 per night.