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Sleep in a human-sized bird’s nest, or a fire lookout, or in a wine barrel!


Have you ever wondered how you might travel or camp if you didn’t have an RV? With high fuel prices, it’s a question more and more RVers seem to be asking. If you are the less-adventurous type, your first choice may be finding hotel or motel accommodations along your chosen route. If you are at least a little bit adventurous, perhaps a bed and breakfast or private condo rental is an option. For those of you who crave the exhilaration of the extreme, unusual, or even weird experiences, this article will whet your appetite! For the rest of us (non-adventurous and mildly adventurous ones), it’s entertaining and mind-blowing to discover the unusual ways some folks “camp” without an RV!

The “Human Nest” – Big Sur, California

Photo credit: @coreygwin, Instagram

Ever wonder what it’d be like to sleep in a bird’s nest? No? Well, guess what? It’s possible! You’ll need to bring your own sleeping bag to the nest, but placing it on a full-size mattress will provide comfort for sleeping. Plus, you’ll have a bird’s eye view of the Pacific Ocean. Find more information here.

Fire Lookout – Evergreen, Colorado

Photo credit: U.S. Forest Service,

Located at 11,000 feet, this unique structure sits at the top of Mestaa’ehehe Mountain and offers spectacular views to folks who stay here. Windows on all sides allow for a panoramic view of the mountains, and most of the comforts of home are included. A kitchen, beds, cookware, etc., will help you feel at home “in the clouds.” Check out this amazing spot here.

Barn camping – Kalispell, Montana

Photo credit: Honey’s Place, Airbnb

Having grown up on a farm, this sounds really dreamy to me! As a child, I longed to sleep overnight in our barn’s hay loft. At Honey’s Place just outside Kalispell, Montana, you actually can stay overnight in a barn! Originally built in 1915, this barn has been transformed into an amazingly comfortable place with modern accommodations for four. A hot tub with views of Flathead Valley and the mountains is the icing on the cake. If you bring an old license plate from your home state it will be added to the collection already mounted in the rafters, and you’ll receive a Montana-made gift in exchange. Check it out here.

Wine barrel – Walla Walla, Washington

Photo credit: Bryant Vacation Rentals

Yes, it is possible to sleep inside a wine barrel. Who knew? Tucked within the Bryant Barn Property is a French wine barrel that features a comfy full-size bed. That’s it. Just a bed. It’s a wine barrel, remember? Not much space, but it will give you something interesting to tell your friends and family. If the close confines bother you, choose to stay inside the renovated barn just steps away. Find more information here.

These are by no means the only unusual ways to “camp” without an RV. Have you ever stayed in unusual accommodations? Let us know about it in the comments, please.

Oh, and don’t forget to take a look at this Idaho potato… that you can sleep inside! Yep, you read that right! Or, if you prefer dogs to potatoes, you can sleep inside a giant Beagle!


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