Update on the Stray Voltage Patrol


November 3, 2018

stray voltage patrolThe Stray Voltage Patrol is headed up by national RV electricity authority Mike Sokol. It is funded by the 3,300 members of RVtravel.com, whose voluntary subscriptions make it possible. The primary goal of the project (there are others as well) is to help identify and force repairs on dangerous power pedestals across North America that could destroy RV electronics and under certain circumstances shock RVers, even fatally. Here is Mike’s update.

We’re still working to get the Stray Voltage Patrol program finalized, but it has taken a back seat to revising RVtravel.com, with its new website launching in three weeks. After that it’s full steam ahead to update RVelectricity.com, where I’ll begin republishing the hundreds of articles I’ve previously written for the RV industry. And that’s where the online Stray Voltage Patrol headquarters will reside.

In the meantime, the SVP is up to 289 volunteer members, who are already furnishing some very interesting reports. For example, the photo you see here of a well-worn pedestal has a very dangerous problem with its 50-amp plug. In fact, I’ll be featuring this pedestal, and telling you where it’s located, in my RV Electricity column here in two weeks. But in the meantime I will tell you it’s NOT from some tiny campground with no money for maintenance. It’s from a campground with more than 500 sites belonging to one of the largest corporations in the world.

Also, I have an interesting field test project beginning only with members of the Stray Voltage Patrol. This will entail six SVP members doing a field test of a prototype RV electrical product that’s not yet in production. The six SVP testers I select will be under a strict NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) and can only send their findings to me directly without revealing what they’re doing to anyone else.

I’ll need the test units sent back to me after 45 days in the field, but for their input the manufacturer will send each participant a brand-new production unit once it hits the streets. Yes, pretty cool cloak-and-dagger stuff. If you’ve not signed up for the Stray Voltage Patrol yet, go here and do it today because on Saturday night I’ll send details to members on how to apply for this really interesting field test. (Learn more about the SVP and requirements needed to join.) Then I’ll pick my top six candidates on Monday and ship the prototype products for them to try out.

It’s all very exciting. Thanks to RVtravel.com members for allowing me to undertake this important program.


P.S. Did you read my most recent RV Electricity newsletter? If not, you can do so here.


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John Connaughton

I did inform a maintenance man I saw in the park. I was lucky I only needed the 30A connection. And mentioned it again on my campground survey after our visit.

Bill Lampkin

Other than take a photo, did anyone notify mgmt at the campground? All it takes is a new receptacle, and this “Crisis” will be over. Add ‘check pedestal’ to the camp host’s list when he/she is out raking the pad and scooping up the ashes from the fire ring.

Terry O'Keefe

sad to say but there are people that would not even bat an eye at something like that! When I was an power co.troubleshooter we would get calls to campgrounds and would see stuff like this and way worse!
I an so glad to have joined SVP. Electricity is one of those things that most people don’t understand,and always need,regardless of the condition on the equipment.


Disney World Campground. Been there too many times.


That electrical pedestal is a TRAVESTY! It’s amazing anyone would even consider plugging into something that BAD!