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CampersCard – Exciting new Harvest Hosts program

By Cheri Sicard
The video below from Woodall’s Campground Magazine brings exciting news of a new program from Harvest Hosts, the CampersCard.

To be sure, the video was produced for owners of RV parks and campgrounds, but as a consumer, it can give you insight into this new RV consumer program, scheduled to launch in the spring of 2023.

If you are a Harvest Hosts member, you already know about all the terrific small businesses you can RV at including wineries, breweries, museums, farms, tourist attractions, and more. But for the first time ever, the CampersCard is turning Harvest Hosts’ attention to actual RV campgrounds.

What does the CampersCard get you?

The card will always give the RV consumer some sort of perk. The type of perk offered will be up to the individual RV park owners. It might be a discount, or early and/or late check out, or some other type of amenity. Harvest Hosts owner Joel Holland compared the CampersCard to a hotel amenity program.

I would disagree with the comparison in that consumers do not have to pay to join hotel loyalty programs. The cost of the CampersCard to RVers has not yet been determined but Joel says it will be low.

From the campground side, it costs nothing to join the program and Harvest Hosts does not take any money spent by consumer members.

Joel launched the program now because he believes the RV market that reached its crazy heights during the pandemic is going to seriously soften in 2023.

Rather than being sold out and overbooked, campgrounds are going to find themselves in need of more business. The CampersCard was designed to help RV parks maintain profitability as well as to provide the RVing consumer with practical benefits.

The goal is to launch the program in the spring of 2023 with at least 1,000 campgrounds on board.

Watch the video for additional details.



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Sheryl Hendrix
9 days ago

Been a member since the beginning just added golf courses. I’ll sign up Harvest Host is the best thing since sliced bread! Can’t wait to see what else they have to offer! Love small independent campgrounds over resorts anyday!

Cheri Sicard
9 days ago
Reply to  Sheryl Hendrix

I also LOVE Harvest Hosts, but my reaction to this was “meh.” I am also a Passport America member, which gives me substantial discounts at independent parks. “Perks” like early or late checkin/checkout hold zero interest to me in a campground. Save me money! This might be a nice free perk to HH members, but unless I see substantial discounts, I personally would not pay for this.

Charles Butler
9 days ago

This company is growing. Its member count has increased to the point that some HH sites along major routes are becoming difficult to book. Its 90 day window leaves the advance planning difficult juggling popular sites between HH sites. It should be working harder to find more HH locations in these areas and/or give their loyal customers the card for free.

Cheri Sicard
6 days ago
Reply to  Charles Butler

They add new locations ALL the time. Both sides of HH are growing. But I agree with you on this card. It holds little interest to me (although I LOVE HH), but it might be a good sign on or renewal bonus.

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