Tuesday, September 26, 2023


Video: Comparison between Ford F-150 and F-250 trucks

This video from PRN_TestDrive will be of interest if you would like to better understand the differences between Ford’s 1/2-ton light duty F-150 truck and the 3/4-ton heavy duty or Super Duty F-250 models.

Generations ago the two trucks were visually pretty similar. But that has changed, as you will see.

You’ll see the differences when going up from a similarly configured 1/2-ton truck to the 3/4-ton model. The host explains the important mechanical differences between these two pickup trucks, including the rear axle ratios and how they apply to towing and hauling numbers, the differences between the two exterior designs, the bed and cab configurations, the engine choices, and the GVWR or Gross Vehicle Weight Rating for both trucks.



  1. Their was no comparison, didn’t explain differences in the truck on how you equip each. I was looking for are the frames different, brakes different, obviously the springs are different but are they just attached to the same frame either way? Give us some meat and less potatoes, I can get all the potatoes reading a brochure.


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