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Can you make 3D-printed RV parts? YES!

By Cheri Sicard
If you ever wondered if you could make 3D printer RV parts, wonder no more. You definitely can!

The video below from RV-Project is not a slickly produced influencer-type video. But what it lacks in flash and production value it makes up for in useful information. Especially if you are new to the concept of 3D printing in general, let alone making 3D printer RV parts.

I was surprised at just how inexpensive the printer itself was. Under $300. Although he does not talk about the cost of the material needed to make things.

The video covers how a 3D printer works, along with some simple applications RVers might use it for. However, these just scratch the surface. In addition, this video is three years old so I am guessing you can probably do even more these days.

A 3D printer could have endless possibilities for small parts and doodads that might be difficult or impossible to find or replace. Those doing restorations or rehabs would likely find is incredibly useful.

Options for 3D printing RV parts

In the video, he also talks about the various options available to RVers when it comes to 3D printing.

You can design your own spare parts, which will take a bit of a learning curve using a CAD program. You could hire a pro to do it for you. Or use premade design “patterns” that others have created. Most of these are free.

While the RV category is somewhat limited, new designs get uploaded all the time. RV-Project has a collection of free downloads for 3D printed RV parts at their website. You can find more 3D printing designs for RV parts by searching at

Once you have a design, you can print it on your own 3D printer. The video shows it in action so you get to see just how it works and how long it takes. Or you can farm the job out to any number of businesses who will do it for you.

The whole process, if you have not seen it before, is pretty fascinating. Watch the video and I bet you might come up with some places in your RV that would benefit from 3D printing.

*Disclaimer: This video does not necessarily indicate the views of Cheri Sicard or Please take all information with a grain of salt and do your own research. 



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1 month ago

Unfortunately it’s not as simple as plugging in a machine and instantly having any bit or bob you may need. There’s a decent learning curve. From choosing the correct material for each application to adjusting the settings for different materials and situations.
The machine and the materials are fairly cheap. It’s the time you’ll spend that will determine the value. If RV parts is your sole purpose for getting a 3d printer, I would pretty much guarantee that it won’t be worth the effort…

martin a
1 month ago

Interesting, I wonder how sturdy 3d printed items are?
I believe that some libraries have 3d printers available to use as well. Or maybe your local high school or tech school.

Jim D
1 month ago
Reply to  martin a

They can be as strong as any other plastic part, which is to say — very. I designed and 3D-printed mounts for my generator, for example. Depends a lot on material (PLA, ABS, etc), and the printer settings as well.

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