Saturday, May 27, 2023


Removable and easy DIY short bed truck camper version 2.0

Brian Waters produced a popular YouTube video on how to turn a short bed pickup truck with a camper shell into an easy-to-build DIY short bed truck camper.

The video below is version 2.0.

That’s because, after his first video, Brian got a bunch of questions. He also took his new DIY truck camper out on the road and discovered it needed a few tweaks and improvements to make it more comfortable and convenient.

He shares all in the video below.

Brian talks a fair amount about some easy but stylish lighting improvements he did, along with some decorating.

And, as he often needs to use his truck as a truck, he addresses how easy it is to remove the camper components

He had a lot of cabinet questions, as well. One of the challenges was how to attach his small cabinet to the inside of the truck so that it can’t move when traveling. But also so he can remove it from the truck bed when needed.

Brian also discusses how he built the cabinets so that the drawers do not fly out when rolling down the road.

Wiring was another feature that could potentially be an issue as the truck bed often needs to be used as a truck and not a camper. Brian’s stays in the truck bed, but safely out of the way.

Brian’s favorite upgrade of all is to his bed. He says it was a game changer when it came to his personal comfort in the short bed truck camper. That’s because he is over 6 feet tall, too tall for the size of the bed of the truck.

So, as a solution, Brian built a small folding platform that extends the bottom part of the bed horizontally across the tailgate side of the truck bed. He is then able to fully stretch out from corner to corner.

When not in use, his bed modification actually makes the seating more comfortable as it gives him an armrest. Genius!

When it comes time to remove it all, it’s no big deal. Brian purposely kept his camper design minimalistic because he knew he had to convert the camper to a truck from time to time.

The bed only weighs about 30 pounds and it comes out in one piece. The cabinet also comes out in one piece. The wiring stays behind, yet out of the way. Quick, easy, and done!

Check out Brian’s easy DIY short bed truck camper build below.



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