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RV Towing: 8 common towing mistakes and how to avoid them

By Cheri Sicard
Over the years the folks at the Trailer Parts Outlet have heard endless stories of RV towing disasters. In order to help RVers stay safer on the road, in the video below they compiled the eight most common towing mistakes and how you can avoid them. Using these tips will help you to haul better, more safely, and more efficiently.

Sure, some of these tips may be common knowledge, although if you are a brand-new RVer, maybe not. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know.

However, some of these tips are not as common but are no less valuable.

So what are the eight common towing mistakes RVers make?

  • Overheating engines — The #1 problem is people overworking their engines. There are many problem pushing your engine too hard can cause. The video gives tips for monitoring the situation as well as the importance of weight when towing.
  • Brake problems — Brakes are often overlooked but are the most important part of your RV safety system. Again, weight comes into play. Too much weight can damage your trailer AND your truck. In the video Kiefer explains why.
  • Overloaded trailers — Too much weight can be the catalyst behind a multitude of issues while towing. Don’t do it!
  • Improper hitches or ball mounts — A proper hitch and ball mount are essential for safe towing in order to avoid serious issues.
  • Speeding — Slow your roll. Besides opening yourself up to a speeding ticket and the fact that traveling at excessive speeds is about 35% less fuel efficient, speed when towing adds to the danger factor.
  • Underinflated tires — It is essential to check your tire pressure every time before you haul. Checking tire pressure will ensure even wear and help you avoid blowouts from overheating.
  • Lack of lube — Axles and pivot points where metal meets metal or rubber bushings meet steel need lubrication. Keeping the tongue jack greased as well can keep it from seizing.
  • Not keeping spare parts — Keeping a stash of spare parts on hand can help eliminate downtime should problems occur.

So check out the tips and stay safe and secure when towing.



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