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SUPER RARE VW bug gooseneck trailer, parts I and II

It was not known if the VW Bug gooseneck RV conversion seen in the video above was a prototype or was ever actually in production.

That’s because, until recently, the 1974 promotional video for the El Chico gooseneck trailer from International Travel Trailer, Inc. was the only one anyone had seen. And a cool and compelling video it is.

The gooseneck hitch is the star of the show as it allows the VW bug to quickly maneuver forward and back and even completely around the tow space.

Genius! Parking and backing of the VW Bug gooseneck RV appears super simple.

But as entertaining as the vintage promo video is, nobody had seen one of these in real life.

Until, that is, the folks at Volkswear found one sitting in a junkyard.

They researched it, compared it, and it was indeed the holy grail of rare Volkswagen accessories. They promptly bought it.

Then soon after sold it to Oklahoma Bugs. That’s where the Part II video, posted below, comes in.

They happened to find another El Chico VW RV, owned by someone who had totally restored it and the VW Beetle that tows it, so the team traveled to Colorado for a closer look at the gooseneck VW trailer.

The presence of these two trailers shows that, however limited, the El Chico trailer probably was in production at some point.

Inside, the VW RV features sleeping space for four adults, a dinette, stove, sink, refrigerator, hanging closet, toilet, and shower. All towed with a Volkswagen Beetle.

The new owner did have to fashion a new hitch on the roof of his Beetle, but once he did, he claims the VW bug gooseneck trailer tows like a dream. And rare as it is, he actually does use it on the road.

In fact, this particular VW gooseneck trailer is the only one known to exist that has been restored and is fully functioning and on the road.

The restoration took 2-3 years to complete. If such a restoration ever is truly complete…



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Glenn A
1 year ago

I saw one of those in Klamath Falls, OR back in the summer/fall of 1974.

There’s another that’s been buried on a farm outside of Chesterfield, SC for about 40 years. It was destroyed before burial.

Jim G.
1 year ago

Another roof mount hitch I have seen is the Harmon Industries Shadow which was a larger unit mounted on a full sized automobile.

Donald N Wright
1 year ago

Amazing restoration. Imagination the reaction at “Bugout” rallies.

1 year ago

Being a VW bug guy myself finding one of these would be like hitting the lotto!

Bob p
1 year ago

Since the Bug was so under powered I can only imagine what it must’ve been in the hill country or for that matter maintaining highway speed.

Cheri Sicard
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob p

According to the owner he has no issues towing.

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