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Terrifying park ranger stories: Yosemite mysteries and missing persons

Ready for some spooky fun? The video below from “What Lurks Beneath,” a channel specializing in storytelling of the mysterious and supernatural, contains some hair-raising tales of Yosemite. A number of the Yosemite mysteries come from accounts gleaned from park ranger stories and experiences.

In Yosemite, missing persons scenarios are surprisingly frequent. As are sightings of Bigfoot and other cryptozoological creatures and strange entities. The video below features stories in both of these categories.

Yosemite missing persons

You might think that people go missing all the time in the wilderness, so this is to be expected. To some degree you would be correct…

However, there’s a mysterious twist to the Yosemite missing person stories. And this twist covers cases that happened decades ago as well as recent missing persons in Yosemite National Park.

The people who went missing didn’t just get lost, get eaten by bears, or even die of natural causes while visiting the park. These people simply vanished without a trace. No evidence of them has ever been found. Not at the time of their disappearances. Not in the time that has passed since. And in some cases, that means no evidence after decades.

To further add to this Yosemite mystery, most of the victims were experienced hikers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Some were also quite familiar with the terrain. In many cases, they were traveling on well-used hiking trails.

Beyond that, serious search efforts to find these people did take place with helicopters in the sky, and large search and rescue teams with dogs on the ground combing every inch of the areas where the victims went missing.

No evidence they ever existed has been found.

Park ranger stories of Yosemite mysteries: Bigfoot, werewolf sightings and more

Interspersed with the mysterious Yosemite missing persons stories, the video also covers two different park ranger accounts and a hiker’s story that talk about strange creatures the rangers and hiker claimed to have encountered in Yosemite National Park.

Are they true? Who knows.

None of the rangers would go publicly on record fearing others would think they are crazy.  But the tales are fascinating.

One seems to be a classic Bigfoot encounter. The other two prove even stranger.

One tells of a large wolf-like creature that stood over 8 feet tall on its hind legs. The other, a human-shaped black figure without any actual solid form.

Enjoy the spooky Yosemite mysteries in the video. But maybe don’t watch it just before visiting the park…



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Larry Lee
3 months ago

What a great idea for people who WANT to just disappear (for debt/tax purposes?) Go to Yosemite back country and never be seen again.

Tommy Molnar
3 months ago

I watched the video. As usual, no one thought to get any videos or even pictures. If you are in a vehicle, there is even less excuses for not getting any evidence of your encounter. This, from a guy who believes in these encounters.

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