Sunday, March 26, 2023


Unbelievable house truck converts to fantasy castle

By Cheri Sicard
Get ready for one of the most unusual RVs EVER. A house truck that transforms, when set up, into a castle! The team from Living Big in a Tiny House is here to give you a tour of this one-of-a-kind tiny house on wheels.

Owners Jola and Jordan tool around New Zealand with their unique rig. It’s all road-legal and meets the requirements a motor vehicle needs in New Zealand.

When all folded up and on the road, the house truck looks a little unusual but not so much so as to call a lot of attention. It almost resembles a folded-up carnival ride going down the road.

But when stopped and set up, WOW, it is a showstopper.

Kind of like a transformer toy, walls drop down, doors swing open, rooms move, roofs rise, and before you know it, there is a small castle-like structure.

The owners are fans of both engineering and art. Likewise, this unusual house truck combines the best of both.

Once it is all unfurled, the rig provides a lot of stylish living space, both inside and out. It seems like every time you lift or pull something in the rig, it opens up to reveal more space!

Converted house truck features include:

  • A full-sized oven and stove
  • Wood paneling upcycled from power poles
  • Lots of headspace
  • An entryway that takes you inside without having to climb
  • Walls that open up to create a massive indoor/outdoor space
  • An innovative multi-layered circular rotating closet
  • Wood-burning stove for heat and water heating
  • Rooftop solar panels for power
  • A unique composting yin and yang toilet in the bathroom, housed in one of the Castle’s turrets
  • Huge octagonal shaped 2nd floor sleeping area
  • Enormous outdoor covered rooftop living area complete with hammock and a full-sized bathtub
  • Full-sized shower
  • Washing machine
  • The rooftop even has a large built-in food dehydrator that operates off the solar panels and uses the heat that comes off the roof!

Check out the video below to see just how much innovative design can add to a tiny space.



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7 days ago

I would love to know how much they spent on this. It is incredible the brain child that came up with this. Absolutely amazing. I had to send this to a few people I know. I know if I had this on my campsite I would never have a moments peace. So…how long does it take to set up and tear down I wonder. I guess I need to do a road trip to New Zealand now.

Camper Jack - MyRVRadio
12 days ago

That is an absolutely amazing build!

Bill Fisher
12 days ago

I may have missed it, but I am curious as to how long it takes them to set it up and take it down for travel.

12 days ago
Reply to  Bill Fisher

Right? It appeared to me like moving from a one bedroom apartment in Denver, across town, and into a different one bedroom apartment would have been easier and faster.

On cool factor, yes, I give it 10 for 10 for it’s cool factor with great engineering concepts and construction ideas or practices built in.

This is not a motor home. It is a circus attraction and given that the wife is in fact a circus performer, it makes more sense.

Thanks for the sharing, Cheri. Fun article.

Cheri Sicard
11 days ago
Reply to  Cancelproof

As a former circus performer myself, I can say this would be most impractical for a touring circus family. But it is cool. (Unless it does set up quickly which they did not cover).

Pamela Jobson
12 days ago

Wow, just Wow

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