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Wanted: Your experiences with road service providers


By Russ and Tiña De Maris

We’re doing research for an upcoming story on emergency road service programs. We’d like to talk with RVers who have had their road service program provide them with tires, batteries, or other parts in connection with a breakdown. For this particular story, we won’t be able to use experiences of RVers who have simply called to have their spare tire changed, or merely had to be towed in to a repair facility. If you’d like to share your experience, please drop us an e-mail — russ [at]


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Sue Sharp
4 years ago

When are you going to publish the findings of your research. I am looking to purchase a plan and would like to see the data. I was going to purchase Good Sam but the reviews are not very good. Thank you

4 years ago

I have had Good Sam for 5 years and have had to use them 2 times . One tire blowout on a long weekend and the other was an engine problem when we had to be towed to a repair shop. The road side assistance worked fine both times and save us a major towing cost the last time.

Ron Jewell
4 years ago
Reply to  Wayne

I had Good Sam, and called them with a tire problem. They sent out a man that didn’t have an air compressor. I didn’t renew the membership.

Lorne Davis
4 years ago

Have used GS twice for break downs on our 94 campervan. Once south of LA and another time somewhere on the I5. Both times we had excellent service and short wait times. I hope they keep up the good work as am sure we will need them again.

4 years ago

We have had Coachnet for many years. They have pulled our motor home out of the mud at a campground. They have jumped our toad when the battery was dead, unlocked the door, and changed a flat, all when it was being driven solo. They have towed the motor home to Cumimins when it was in need of a lift pump. It has never cost anymore than the initial membership. They also have techs to help with RV related troubles. They will also make you service appointments when necessary. Excellent service they provide. We are very happy with Coachnet.

Gerry L
4 years ago

I had good Sam once.
They came and changed s tire for me including dismount and mount.
The bill was $179 and good Sam gave me $25 credit on the bill.
Big Deal
Now have AAA rv service

robert austin
4 years ago

Have Good Sams roadside and have used once in 3 years when my pickup died. They came in less than an 1/2 hour put it on and took to a garage. It was quick and painless

Anthony Vinson
4 years ago

We had a blowout on our TT. We have GS, but not RSA. We tried adding it, BUT it wouldn’t take affect till three days later. In saying that, they wouldn’t even direct us to someone that could help us. For us GS is absolutely WORTHLESS! We ended up calling a big rig tire service and they were on location in 15 minutes. It wasn’t cheap, by no means, but they could handle any tire situation and got us on our way very quickly. We popped in a very bad part of Montgomery, AL. and were very thankful to the tire service tech. for getting us back in the road.

4 years ago

We’ve been with Good Sam probably 10 years – generally good service. Now that I have the app on my phone, they can see where I am and that helps a lot. Waiting a few hours for service and parts when you are 50 miles east of Nowhere, Nevada doesn’t strike me as being excessive, but i guess some people have higher, but unrealistic, expectations.

4 years ago

I have Good Sam and have had 3 tire problems on two different trips. The first tire problem the response from GS was good and I was contacted shortly there after by the service guy who lied when he said he’d be there in 45 minutes, it was over 2 hours. The second time we were in West Glacier and the the service guy was there in less than a half hour and the last time we were in Eugene and I had to beg them not to come until the next morning, which they did. Of course the 2 plus hour wait we were on the road, the other two times we were safely parked in a campsite.

wally Crawford
4 years ago

we have only had one experience with needing Good Sam Roadside assist. Our MH broke down while in a campground in a very remote part of UT. Good Sam quickly and courteously dispatched a flat bed trailer to our location. the rig driver was a real pro and knew his job. He had us loaded in no time and we followed him to their service garage. We had to wait the better part of a week camped in the garage parking lot while parts arrived, but the service facility that Good Sam towed us to was owned and manned by very courteous, nice people. It was a bad situation, but it could have been a lot worse and Good Sam did their job.

Wolfe Rose
4 years ago

Good Sam was totally useless when a tire blew far from my spare at home (yeah, I know). 3 hour wait roadside before getting PO’d enough to see if my CAR insurance could help. Amica had a tire guy, with the right mounted spare, on site 30 minutes later. Not a cheap call, but responsive.

4 years ago

Cancelled Good Sam this year after 3rd unsatisfactory experience. Response time was ridiculous. (We waited 9 hours for a tow truck on the busy 210 freeway north of Los Angeles after a front tire blowout on our 42′ motorhome.) If AAA hadn’t come to our rescue, we might still be there. Going to enroll in Coachnet for a backup.

4 years ago

We have AAA. We’re “plus” members and have had our membership for many years. Once I had a flat on our class c. I managed to get off the freeway and park at a grocery store where I phoned them. I think it took less than a half hour for the guy to show up. He fixed the tire and added a steel valve stem as well. This was within a city so I’m sure if I had been in a rural area I probably would have waited longer. AAA now changes batteries too which is a real convenience- we’ve had to use that service 2 times for our passenger cars. I’ve heard lots of good feedback about Coach net but at this point I don’t feel the need to get an rv-specific road service.

Loretta Bidmon
4 years ago

We have been using Coach Net for 11 years and have been extremely pleased. They respond very quickly each time. Highly recommended.

4 years ago

I called Good Sam Roadside Assistance on two occasions. Once they wanted to send a tow truck from 1000 miles away. They had no idea, nor could they comprehend where we were. The next time I was told would be a wait of several hours. Both times were tire issues that don’t meet your criteria but where we found the roadside assistance totally useless.

Richard W Moffitt
4 years ago

I have had goodsam roadside assistance for years. just cancelled it this month, I used it this summer for some tire problems on the road, the people that came out to do the work were fine but the foreign people who answered my call to goodsam where useless they don’t understand anything you try to tell them. and the price is to high.

Sherri Eley
4 years ago

Not a good experience with Good Sam Road service. This happened quite a few years ago, when we had a breakdown, only 2 hours from home. We were traveling north on I75 in Ohio. We were stranded on the interstate for several hours before the road assistance showed up. During that time traffic was speeding by us, an accident occurred right in front of our stopped motorhome. LOng story short, someone showed up and instead of towing us the one hour drive to the RV dealer for repair, they put in a quick fix which lasted about 10 miles. So in the end we had to be towed anyway. The breakdown occurred around 2 pm when we were only 2 hours from home. WE arrived at home after all this, at 10 pm. NOt an experience I ever care to repeat.

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