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What to do for an unstable TV antenna


gary-736Dear Gary,
I have a Winegard crank-up TV antenna, and when it’s cranked in the up position it rocks back and forth when the wind blows. Someone told me that there’s a tool that can adjust the antenna. Do you know what kind of tool this might be and what I have to do to adjust the antenna? —Larry

Dear Larry,
Winegard does indeed have a tool that can tighten the integral mechanical gearbox assembly of the antenna. It’s their part number TT-1000. It amounts to nothing more than a deep-well 15/16″ socket.  In the photo here, you can see the nut that needs tightening. Someone apparently used the incorrect size socket as the points of the nut have been rounded off.

First check to make sure the antenna is mounted correctly to begin with. I’ve also seen wobbly antennas caused by worn gears. Winegard also offers a gear replacement kit that will probably help the instability problem caused by worn, old-style gears. You can tell if you have the older gears by inspecting the cranking rod from inside the RV. Remove the crank handle and spring by loosening the set-screw and take a look at the shaft that extends down below the ceiling. If the rod is round, it’s the older style; if it’s a hexagon shape, it’s the newer style.

But first make sure the antenna is mounted and secured properly. The base should be securely attached to the roof and sealed properly to prevent water intrusion. The antenna mount must be secured to a solid portion of the roof. If it’s sloppy when fully extended, it’s likely to be the worn or loose gears. I’d suggest tightening the gear assembly first using the Winegard tool or a deep socket. If it’s still wobbly, it’s probably time for new gears.

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6 years ago

To piggyback off the crank up Winegard antenna problem, we have the automatic antenna that creeps up on its own while driving. We will get the “antenna up” alert on our dash. This has happened numerous times during a drive on the interstate. We simply press the button for raised, then press for stow, then everything is fine for a few miles until it creeps back up. Is there a fix that you recommend? Thanks!

John Mitcxhell
6 years ago

I developed a spring kit to restrict the flip flop of the antennae. Cost on parts is around 6-10.00 at ace hardware and it is simple to install BUT you must be able to go up onto the roof.
If you want more info – ask.

6 years ago
Reply to  John Mitcxhell

We’ve used bunji cords, but something more permanent sounds better. How do we contact John?

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