Monday, December 5, 2022


When your toad is a motor scooter


By Cheryl Probst


As the price of gas climbs, the popularity of motor scooters climbs, too, because it’s hard to beat their 90 to 100 mpg. This makes them perfect vehicles for RVers who want to ride around the campground, make quick trips to the supermarket, or sightsee.

When you’re traveling between RV parks, hauling scooters around can be challenging. The most important thing is to know what your RV can handle, since what works for one rig may not work on another.

Motorhomes and pickup/camper combinations can tow small trailers. Before you invest in a motorcycle trailer, however, make sure the tracks are wide enough to accommodate scooter tires, which are frequently wider than motorcycle tires. You’ll also need to consider clearance, since scooters are not as high as motorcycles. Getting a scooter onto a motorcycle trailer can present challenges, so you might want to adapt a small utility trailer. Motorhome owners who still want a car can put scooters in the bed of a small pickup and tow it.

RVers who don’t mind sharing their living space can haul scooters in travel trailers and fifth wheels known as toy haulers. This may be the best option for fifth wheelers, since travel trailer owners can put the scooters in the back of their tow pickup.

Some companies make carriers especially to haul motorcycles and scooters. These work best when attached to the pickup’s front or rear bumpers. Manufacturers do not recommend attaching these to the rear of fifth wheels and travel trailers because of the shift in weight. The carriers, as well as platforms that can be installed in the rear bumper’s hitch receiver, also bounce around a lot and your scooter could bounce right out of the tie-downs. Some RVers claim to haul lightweight scooters on these platforms without any problems, however.

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