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Who can perform a PDI? Who certifies RV technicians?


gary-736Dear Gary,
Thank you for the seminars you present.  I find them interesting and informative, especially your advice on getting a PDI (pre-delivery inspection) by a certified inspector. My questions for you are:

1)  Who certifies these inspectors?
2)  What is the difference between a Certified and a Master Certified inspector?

Thank you. —Bob M. 

Dear Bob,
Any Certified or Master Certified professional RV service technician will be equipped with the knowledge and diagnostic tools required for performing a quality PDI. It does take specific procedures and the use of specialty test equipment to professionally perform a PDI, so a common RV “inspector” will not likely qualify.

“Certification” itself is a joint effort, following a certain protocol created and adopted by RVIA and RVDA (RV Industry Association and RV Dealer’s Association). There are other “schools” out there who might issue their own “certificates,” but the only official industry certification for professional service technicians is ordained by RVIA/RVDA.

Don’t be fooled by someone with a piece of paper that states they’ve completed a program and now they are experts in RV troubleshooting and repair. It takes a lot of study, a lot of hands-on experience and the successful passing of a very energetic, timed exam. Currently, the difference between Certified and Master Certified is the actual score on the exam and the amount of time the pro technician has been working. Personally, I’d like to see a separate exam used for candidates seeking Master Certification.

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6 years ago

I signed up and took a class from North Hampton Community College on performing a PDI, I did receive a completion Certificate, but Don’t consider myself a expert, I did have to perform a lot of hands on excersizes and assignments, that were signed off by a shop manager, I did this for my own benefit so when I go to purchase a rv, i’ll look at the “right stuff” and ask the “right questions” the course was a couple hundred bucks. I consider this cheap education. and have offered friends and family a benefit of my efforts. I know it’s not for everyone but I feel better equipped to drop a hundred thousand on a unit.

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