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Why does the windshield pop out of the seal on my Class A?

gary-736Dear Gary,
I have a 2001, 35-foot Class A that has a two-piece windshield. I am having problems with the windshield coming out of the seal when I take it on a trip and the motorhome gets torqued a little. This has occurred three times. Are there any solutions to this problem, such as a different seal? Any suggestions? I’m going broke resealing the windshield! —Jeff L.

Dear Jeff,
Of all the instances I’ve seen with two-piece windshields popping the seal, every one has been attributed to a warped front cap. In other words, the fiberglass or plastic cap was originally installed in a stressed position. On paper, the windshield pieces would fit perfectly with the designed front cap, but somehow during production the cap gets torqued a bit or tightened down in a stressed position. The obvious weak point would be the two glass pieces that eventually become tweaked enough by the racking and twisting of the body and frame that one corner pops out of the seal.

I’m not aware of any specific aftermarket seal that can eliminate this from happening. I have, however, seen some talented body shop technicians trim the cap opening or shim the front cap to eliminate the abnormal stress it is under after securing. This seemed to eliminate the glass from popping out of the seal more often than not. Careful measurements by an experienced body man can reveal if this is the cause in your case. Perhaps a little shaving of the cap in certain areas and shimming where necessary will eliminate the twist involved. It’s definitely a situation that demands professional scrutiny and resolution.

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John Wood
8 months ago

I have a 2000 Fleetwood Discovery and it happened to me two times. I found out that you should always use the front levelers first to prevent twisting. I had RV Glass in Tampa replace the glass the last time and they did a GREAT job! have had no problems for the last 3-4 years. They removed and replaced the glass and used very good sealant.

David Nowak
3 years ago

We have a 2007 Hurricane 34B on a Ford chassis. We first found something wrong when we would hear whistling sounds at highway speeds and blamed it on the side sliding window. After further inspection we found water damage on the side wall. Feeling the interior gasket of the windshield I found the corner separated from the frame (difficult to see from inside or outside.) A windshield man popped it back in and resealed it with the expensive 3M seal and adhesive. Sadly, it separated again. Thanks to your article I’ll be talking to the factory and then the dealer to get it done correctly, hopefully!

Roy Ellithorpe
3 years ago

Sorry guys, but I’m really glad to hear that it’s not unique to Travel Supreme.
After we bought our TS, we learned that this was a common problem with them. (Should have done more research)
If you look at Travel Supremes for sale, you will notice that they nearly all say “cross bracing has been done”.
It’s a Spartan K2 or K3 chassis. I’m curious whether Rick’s Mountain Aire is the same chassis.
I have the x-bracing, I don’t think it helps much, I’ve still broken 2 right side windshields, you just have to learn to be very careful.

4 years ago

Have had this happen more than a few times on my Mountain Aire. A glass tech put it back in with some EXTREME sealant. Has not poped out since BUT the top right corner did crack. It is not in sightline and is even hard to see but it is there….still…after 5yrs.

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