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Will “booting” of trucks in Georgia Walmart raise concerns among RVers?

If you’re passing through Perry, Georgia, and plan on spending the night in a Walmart parking lot, you might want to first confirm what the rules are.

RVers are usually welcome to spend a night in Walmart parking lots and most spend money resupplying in the stores. But at about 6 p.m. Tuesday, when Perry police were called to a dispute in the Walmart Supercenter parking lot at the Perry store on St. Patricks Drive, it got us thinking about this arrangement.

The “booting” of a tractor-trailer and an altercation between the truck driver and a contract parking lot enforcer resulted in the arrest of the enforcer. “We’ve had a lot of booting trucks up there at the Walmart parking lot, and it’s been a mess,” Perry police Capt. Heath Dykes said.

According to The Telegraph that reported on the incident, Dykes said the booting company charges about $500 to remove the apparatus, which angers truckers. It’s the police department’s understanding that trucks have a 30-minute limit to park in the Walmart lot, Dykes said. “The truckers say they’re not giving them time to get in and out, but the booter wants the $500.” 

It appears that the 30-minute policy is not directed at RVs, but to truckers who are scrounging for places to park for mandated rest.

The Walmart manager on duty Friday morning referred The Telegraph to a corporate spokesperson, but an inquiry about the parking policy was not immediately answered.


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Bob Godfrey
3 years ago

It is only a matter of time before Walmart management puts a stop to the practice of spending the night in the parking lots since far too many folks are now abusing the privilege.

C Lowe
4 years ago

I say just boycott shopping at stores who want you to rush in as fast as you can, give them your money, and hurry hurry get to your ride and leave their parking lot. I’d rather spend my money somewhere that still has a shred of humanity left.

4 years ago

Notice folks:: If you have ever stopped at most Rest Stops or Welcome centers and parked temporary near a big rig you will likely smell urine strongly and it’s a shame that some are too {bleeped} lazy to walk inside to use the Mens room so they just urinate next to their trucks so some are really slobs and others are neat & considerate BUT I would say that RVers use the rest rooms or their own bathrooms so now we park far from the trucks for our short rest stops due to the odor..It’s a shame unless it rains heavy but short showers only move the urine all over..It would be so easy to cure this bad habit so truckers loosen your legs and use the the same truckers that do this likely do the same in WalMart parking lots as it is a long walk to the restroom inside the stores..We hate to even stop while Rving at Rest Stops anymore..RVers vs Truckers ..who’s the worst slobs…

3 years ago
Reply to  Jake

It is pee bottled being dumped out, not actually standing next to their trucks to urinate. Stilly very smelly.

Tony King
4 years ago

Our Walmart near my house finally changed and put up “ no overnighting “ signs. The amount of regular traveling RV’s that were in the parking lot really didn’t change it was the homeless people living in junk RV’s, Cars etc. They spent the night then during the day wander the parking lots trying to bum money annoying the people who come to shop. By normally 8-9 am the traveling RV’s were gone. Our city has been chasing these homeless people with vehicles out of every nook and cranny in our city and of course when they leave they leave all their trash behind every time…then our taxes pay to have the city come clean up their trash left behind.

Dr4Film ----- Richard
4 years ago

Unfortunately there are TOO many RV’ers who are inconsiderate obnoxious slobs who take advantage of a generous situation and use it to THEIR advantage by setting up HOME in some Walmart parking lots. I have seen too many over the years I have been Full-Time RVing. It’s getting so bad that I now look for Sam’s Clubs, Home Depot & Lowe’s parking lots to stay in overnight or a church parking lot or even a shopping center parking lot. Sometimes just a empty vacant lot will do unless someone comes by and asks us to leave which I always do. I never argue with people who are politely stating that I cannot park there and need to leave.

4 years ago

Two Walmart stores located here in the metropolitan area of Denver are now no overnight stays for Rvers. To many Rv owners can’t seem to understand the what one night means, then move on. How much longer will Walmart mgrs say enough. As for wheel locks, won’t be to shocking to see this practice put into service more.

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