Tuesday, August 3, 2021
Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Refinish those worn-out exterior RV hatches and trim

By doityourselfrv.com

Tired of yellowing RV hatches, vents and trim? Consider this method for making the yellow disappear and the pieces look brand-new again! Cost effective, too!

Sun, rain, wind and dust all take their toll on exterior finishes. Perhaps some of the most obviously affected areas of your RV are the hatches, trim pieces and other random plastic inserts that dot the outside. These pieces start out white and begin to slowly turn yellow or brown over time.

You could start the process of removing and replacing every piece with a shiny new one at a considerable cost OR you could use this cost-effective method.

All you’ll need is elbow grease, sandpaper, tape and some specialty paint.

An RV owner who goes by the name “Quicksilver” at the GlamisDunes Forum shared this method. He was annoyed with the yellowing RV hatches and trim that housed his dump hose, outside shower and other similar connections.

Materials needed:
• Spray paint (Krylon Fusion was used in this case. There are many colors to choose from.)
• Painter’s tape
• Sandpaper (320 grit was used here)
• Caulk sealant (optional)

• Sand each piece that you intend to paint, scoring the surface so the paint will stick.
• Tape off the pieces to avoid over-spray of the paint.
• Start the painting.
• Repeat coats as needed. In this example there were three coats.
• Run a new bead of caulk sealant around each piece after paint dries, if necessary.

This simple method can be used for other surfaces on your RV as well. Roof vents and coverings can also be painted. You could fix up all sorts of plastic pieces on your RV, including side mirror housings, tire well trim and door handles.


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