Tuesday, December 6, 2022


Traffic jams at the RV dump station


By Jim Twamley

RVers who frequent Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds, state campgrounds, RV rallies or high-traffic tourist destinations on a weekend may occasionally find themselves waiting in line at the dump station. You are probably in a hurry but you know you need to empty your tanks before you go, so there you sit. Here a few suggestions to help move things along.

1. Be ready to take care of business when it’s your turn. This is not the time to get distracted talking to people or flush your system until it sparkles like new. What your fellow RVers are counting on is efficiency, so take care of the basics and move along.

2. If you notice someone is having trouble getting things done (a new RVer, perhaps) then go help them. Show them how to do it (quickly) and help them move along.

3. Other approaches include leaving earlier, emptying your tanks with a portable the day before, or just relax and read a novel or magazine. You can always get out and socialize with other RVers in line while you wait.

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