Saturday, December 3, 2022


2018 Next Exit highway guide published


The ever-popular Next EXIT Directory, a motorists’ guide to services located along U.S. interstate highways, is now available. The Next EXIT 2018 is the 27th updated edition of the iconic USA directory, which in its 508 pages lists gas stations, food, lodging, shopping, hospitals, RV parks and other services.

Even motorists with GPS devices or mapping apps swear by this annual publication. It’s so easy to flip to the appropriate page and learn what’s along your route before you arrive at the exit, not after you’ve passed.

The authors have been physically identifying and recording the location of each and every gas station, restaurant, and other significant places and services on every exit on every interstate highway in the contiguous United States for 30 years, averaging 35,000 miles a year — more than a million miles and counting.

The most convenient way to order the book (at a discounted price) is at Amazon, where the last time we checked it sold for about $13.50.

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4 years ago

Was wondering what is the size of this exit 2018 book! Traveling in a rv and have 2010 on my lap! Is it a big enough book for older eyes to see?

4 years ago

We miss the better paper and spiral binding from older year’s editions.
We don’t leave on road trips without it, even in the car.

Gary Sain
4 years ago

Just FYI; Amazon did a preOrder on Next Exit 2018. Hope it ships next 3 weeks. Scheduling first trip end of Jan. Can’t wait!

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