Sunday, February 5, 2023


Get the 411 on RV extension cords

By Mark J. Polk, RV Education 101
I tell RV owners to try not to use an RV extension cord, but the day will come when you don’t have a choice. Extension cords are convenient when the RV’s power cord is not long enough to reach the power pedestal, but understanding what type of cord to use on your RV is important.

There is more to an extension cord than meets the eye, and the more you know the better you are prepared when the time comes to use one. There are indoor and outdoor extension cords, there are heavy gauge wire and light gauge wire extension cords, and the length of the cord affects the capacity of the cord.

In the video below I explain what you need to know about extension cords as they pertain to RVs, and I demonstrate some simple preventive maintenance to keep your cords in top operating condition. Enjoy and happy learning.

To learn more about using and maintaining your RV visit RV Online Training.

Read more from Mark Polk at here.


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1 year ago

I always use my extension cord. it keeps me from pulling out the main cord

David Telenko
1 year ago

Hi Mark, thanks for the very useful information. I saw that you were using fine grit sandpaper to clean up the surfaces on the plug! I’m not sure if thats such a great way to clean any oxidation off the surfaces, actually if not careful you’ll reduce the thickness of the prongs & not get a good connection, granted that would take a while but it can Happen. I use a product called Deoxit cleaner & has kept my plugs clean & lubed & highly recommended by Mike Sokol!

1 year ago
Reply to  David Telenko

Remember the pen/pencil erasers, the ones that were half pink half blue? THAT is an ideal ‘burnishing tool’ to use to clean the cord end. The ‘pen’ (blue) side is a little more coarser, to get the tough spots out. Now, if your cable, even household cords that are tarnished, using a plain pink eraser, even the one on the end of a pencil, works great. Not so much the white ‘rubber’ ones, but they do work too.
Also, you can go to an electrical supply store and ask for a “burnishing stick”, it is just a coarse eraser.

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