Thursday, May 19, 2022


My first motorhome in a spectacular state park

By Chuck Woodbury

As some of you know, my first motorhome was a tiny one — a mere 18 feet long. I had some great adventures in that little rig.

I just came across this photo I snapped of it at Valley of Fire State Park in southern Nevada, which is one of the “reddest” places you will ever see and incredibly beautiful. I may have shown you this photo before, but I like it so much I would like to show it to you again. That motorhome was small, but that big rock right along the park road makes it look really, really small!

I think Valley of Fire is among the most spectacular state parks in America, and yet not well known outside of the Las Vegas area. You should visit. The campgrounds are primitive — but their settings spectacular. And they are very peaceful. One morning, out for a little walk, a raven flew over. I remember hearing the “whosh, whosh” sound of its wings as it passed. That’s a sound you don’t normally hear in our noisy world.


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