Air-Dryr fights rust, mold and mildew in hidden places


Notice to RV owners: Moisture is insidious. It can hide unseen in the dark depths of cabinets and lockers. Even small amounts can cause rust, mold and mildew to set in. The result can be anything from a blemish to the complete loss of an item. Air-Dryr from Davis Instruments is an inexpensive way to stave off damaging humidity.

Air-Dryr is engineered to operate 24/7. Plugged into a 110/120V outlet and placed as low as possible, it warms the damp air to above the dew point. As the dry air is released through the top vents, cool, damp air is drawn into the device and processed. For safety, a thermal cutoff turns off the device in the event that something falls on top of it and blocks the air flow.

Without any moving parts, Air-Dryr is completely silent. Its durable polycarbonate housing is built to withstand years of use. UL Listed, it’s completely safe to handle when plugged in.

Two sizes are offered. Air-Dryr 500 has a 70-watt heating element and handles up to 500 cu. ft., yet draws only 0.6 amps. It measures 14″ L x 5″ W x 4.5″ H.

With a 130-watt heating element, Air-Dryr 1000 takes care of up to 1,000 cu. ft. of space. Drawing only 1.1 amps, it is 13.5″ dia. x 4.25″ H.

You can find the Air-Dryr 5oo and the Air-Dryr 1000 on Amazon.

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Elizabeth LaTendresse

A while back I remembered someone talking about packets of chemical for reducing moisture. When they were saturated you placed them in the sun to recharge. Does anyone remember this? I’m trying to find the product.

John T

This is not a dehumidifier. It is simply a heater. Heating the air reduces the relative humidity, but does not remove water vapor. When the air cools to its original temperature, the relative humidity will be be back where it was to begin with.