Friday, December 13, 2019
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RV Tire Safety

RV Tire Safety: Avoid problems with dually tire hose extenders

with RV tire expert Roger Marble The key to avoiding problems with a hose or any type of valve extension on a tire is to...

RV Shrink: RV TV Rx

Dear RV Shrink: We just bought a new RV with three TVs. We didn’t order it that way, it was just standard on the model...
RV Electricity

RVelectricity – How infrared temp guns work

By Mike Sokol Dear Readers, RVtravel.com did a bit of backpedaling last week when we inadvertently published a quick tip with misinformation in an RV Daily...

RV-themed must-have gifts for the home or RV

Here are ten items we know the RV-lover and RV-decorator will adore. Happy Holidays from your friends at RVtravel.com. 1. This adorable camp-stove ornament. 2. This lovely...

Four tips for conserving phone battery when you’re off-grid

When you travel in remote areas, you likely will not have cell service, and you may not have electricity. If using your devices and...

New coupler lock keeps your travel/utility trailer safe from crooks

By Russ and Tiña De Maris In recent weeks, we've seen reports of several travel trailer thefts. Typically, the owner parks his rig at a...
maintenance and repair

Do “still” RV water pumps run deep?

By Russ and Tiña De Maris Boondockers and other folks who get away from "city water" connections sometimes complain of a noise when using the...

Are you an RV water whiz? Get these gadgets!

by Russ and Tiña De Maris If you'll be camping in a park with "city water," that is, water from a faucet, there are some...

A warning about outdoor grilling: Danger lurks!

Be careful the next time you eat a hamburger or other product cooked on an outdoor grill. There could be danger lurking in the...

RVer Safety: Safety tools for boondockers: satellite messenger service

By Mike Sherman Modern technology is amazing. Now you can communicate with just about anyone from anywhere regardless of cellular availability ... via satellite. Introducing...

Finding the stuff you’ve “stored” in your RV

By Bob Difley As we RVers add years to our experience, we also add stuff to our cabinets and lockers. Sooner or later we arrive...

How to pick out binoculars and correctly use them – Did you know this?

The RoVing Naturalist By Dennis Prichard Sometimes we need a little help when we venture out into the natural world. No, I’m not talking about holding...