Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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The best smartphone case for RVers, hands down

By Mike Gast I’ve had a smartphone since they invented the things. My previous employer wanted me in touch 24/7, so the phone was always...

RV Daily Tips. Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Issue 1588 Welcome to another edition of RV Travel’s Daily Tips newsletter. Here you’ll find helpful RV-related and living tips from the pros, travel advice,...

AirLight insulates your RV – Keep the cool or warm air inside!

By Tony Barthel With summer and camping season closing in on our calendars, one of the things we all think about is air conditioning. Keeping...

The best way to keep bugs off your food

 By Nanci Dixon We have just started feeling comfortable enough to have a few couples over for socially-distanced campfires again. This time, the plague is...

RV Gadget: Drinkmate carbonator, worth the space? Yup!

By Tony Barthel Space in my trailer is limited and I’m also a cheapskate. So when the folks at Drinkmate contacted us asking if we...
Zip Ties

27 ways to use zip ties you probably haven’t thought of

By Gail Marsh Move over duct tape and make room for zip ties! Many RVers carry these handy little ties because they can be used...

Professional photographer says this tripod is best for RVers

By Nanci Dixon I need to preface this by saying I was a professional photographer with access to everything photographic – and I mean EVERYTHING....

Clear2O water filtration system: Clean water, compact size

By Tony Barthel A few years ago I was camping in Quartzsite and the water was so horrible we bought a three-stage water filtration system...

Power to the people! Portable power inverter for camping

By Tony Barthel I’m a big fan of Ryobi tools for a variety of reasons, but recently I found a few more items in their...

Stinky tanks might need the popular “TubShroom®”

By Tony Barthel One of the ways to keep your gray tank from becoming smelly is to minimize food waste that gets into it. Recently...

RVSuperbag: A cozy solution for making those tricky RV beds

By Tony Barthel Making the bed in the RV usually stinks. You’re on vacation to start with (who wants to make their bed on vacation?)...

Free phone service helps hard-of-hearing – Good to know

By Kate Doherty It's not uncommon for us as RVers to be in a campground or RV park with poor cell reception. Many of us,...