Wednesday, November 30, 2022


Airfryer delivers tasty fried chicken with 80% less fat



We live in an era of healthy cooking consciousness, and either (grudgingly) cut down on unhealthy cooking habits or – at our peril – ignore the new healthier food rules. The Airfryer people would like to offer you an alternative that could provide healthier traditional foods that taste as good as – or better than (read some of the reviews) – the original version (fried food lovers take note). 

Blusmart Airfryer’s extraordinary air frying technology enables you to fry more healthy with up to 80% less fat. Its Rapid Air Technology delivers 360-degree cycle heating with extremely hot air currents that flow around food providing fast, uniform and precise oil-free and delicious fried food with a crispy exterior and moist interior. The compact Airfryer produces no noise and no oil splash and is safe and economical for everyday use. 

Intelligent Working Mode & Time Control allows you to choose the best temperature from the wide temperature range (170° to 400° F) for frying, baking, grilling or roasting. And the Airfryer – which comes with a recipe book – may even replace some of the now redundant cooking equipment taking up space in your RV’s lockers. The non-stick inner surface is easy to clean with soapy water and is dishwasher safe.  

You will find the Blusmart Airfryer on Amazon, where it has a 91% 4- and 5-star rating.

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4 years ago

We have used one since Christmas and really enjoy everything we cook in it. Chicken strips to steaks are good and moist and not over cooked Haven’t tried it in the new Motorhome yet will very soon.

4 years ago

I have an Air Fryer and love it. I think it makes great chicken thighs. With the skin on and bone in they come out crispy and juicy.
I have made hamburgers, steak, fish, ham, potatoes, eggs, and more in it.

4 years ago

We absolutely love our airfryer! It also helps to keep heat in the kitchen to a minimum.

Sam Lunt
4 years ago

Not dealing with the hassle of splattering oil may be reason enough for one of these units. But just like SO many things the so-called experts have determined, frying is not evil nor negligent.
Check it out………..

4 years ago

We tried the Airfryer and it did not live up to all the live up to its claims sent it back for an exchange. This one was not any better.
Not meant to owe an Airfryer

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