Saturday, September 24, 2022


Neat RV rental company delivers right to your door or campsite

By Nanci Dixon
Earlier this week, I spent some time chatting with a new campground neighbor and found out that she owns a business, GuestWings™ mobile RV suites, that rents and delivers Airstream trailers to homes and campgrounds as an extra bedroom space for overnight guests. What a great idea to have extra guest space either at home or at the campground!

The idea was born when they were hosting their daughter’s wedding and wanted all the immediate family to be together and not shifted off to a hotel. Their Airstream trailer helped pull it off. Since 2017, they have provided the service in the Tampa Bay, Florida, area for weddings, reunions, graduations, special occasions and out-of-town guests.

Their website says, “Even if you love entertaining, houseguests present special challenges. Where will everyone sleep? What bathroom will they use? Many homes are short on room for overnight guests. Some people like to have the entire family at once! That’s why we created GuestWings™ – iconic Airstream rentals – delivered to your Tampa Bay home to make room for your family and friends.¨

What makes them unique is the delivery, cleaning and setup of the RV. They even do the gray and black water dumping (what a treat!). Sheets, towels, a coffee maker and cups are all included with each rental. A complete kitchen setup is also available for a nominal extra charge.

They have since expanded to renting and delivering their Airstream to local private, state and county parks in the area for campers wanting to “glamp” and not have to worry about loading, towing, setting up and particularly backing into tight campground sites.

Perhaps there are other businesses across the country that do RV delivery and pickup. That would make camping with extended family, adult children and grandkids a whole lot easier!



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2 years ago

I would assume the airstream was one they already owned. Many municipalities do not allow parking RVs in the driveway. If allowed at all they must be parked on the side or rear of the house. And many (like where we live) even though they allow RV parking on our property we are not allowed to “use it” to stay in.

2 years ago
Reply to  Rick

Hi Rick: Early on, we worked closely with the St. Petersburg city government to understand the codes and related issues. While indicating that GuestWings was not strictly codes compliant, they said that ours was the kind of business they wanted to encourage. We have now had 100 customers in the area without a single complaint. This will enable us to go back to the city and find ways (permits?) to make it “perfectly” legal.

Bill T.
2 years ago

What a great idea. Question though? How did this company handle their start-up? Airstreams aren’t cheap.

2 years ago
Reply to  Bill T.

Hi Bill: That is the critical question … and one that caused some painful learning. We had finally anticipated breaking even in 2020 and then … VIRUS! Sadly we recently sold one of the Airstreams and restructured our loan which made it easier for us to cover our costs. We are seeing a big resurgence of our camping rentals … it’s probably one of the few ways that people can have a “safe” getaway these days. There are some beautiful campgrounds in the Tampa Bay area.

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